How to view?

Each playlist contains multiple MiniMovies. At the top left of each playlist, find an icon that indicates an available menu and a movie count:


Click to activate a menu of the movies in that playlist. You can then scroll up and down to see what's there, and select which one to watch next:


Click the X to slide the menu closed again:



Learn about weaving techniques and how to use our weaving equipment here.

We are pleased to report that all of our MiniMovies are now conveniently hosted on YouTube — even the vintage ones from 2005, the 30-second-long silents, which we find not only charmingly nostalgic but still quite useful.

Please feel free to suggest topics that you would like to see included.

Vävstuga annual exhibitions - playlist

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Vävstuga pattern books - playlist

Vävstuga demos & how-to - playlist

Vävstuga vintage mini-movies - playlist

(these movies are silent)

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Vävstuga adventures - playlist