December 2005

Due to demand I have added a second week of rug class to the schedule. It will be held April 30 – May 6.

Three new books in the bookstore this month include one in English: Royal Silks that I mentioned last month is in stock. Also on the shelf are a brand new version of Stora Vävboken and a very playful book, Väv Som Aldrig Förr, using very unusual and innovative materials.

I am working with the Glimakra manufacturers on a slightly modified warping trapeze design that I hope to have in stock this spring.

I have also custom ordered some 10 shaft Ideal looms. If you are interested in reserving one of these, let me know. It will also be possible to convert an existing 6 or 8 shaft Ideal up to a 10 shaft loom.

The busy 2005 class season has ended, and classes will not resume untill March so I’ll have lots of time to play and experiment at the loom in preparation for even more exciting classes in the future. I have lots of ideas already but would also be interested in hearing your input about what you would like to see on future class schedules.

No new mini movie this month. Check back in January.

November 2005

The class schedule for next year is finally up. My classes have been filling quickly so register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The mini movie for this month is Unweaving, method 1.

I anticipate having several new books in stock this month in addition to the eight new ones that appeared in the bookstore last month. One of these is called Royal Silks and is in English. One of the authors of this book is Ulla Cyrus-Zetterström who is helping me bring these books in.

I am busy weaving off the leftover warps from a very special group of talented weavers who were here last month for a class. The projects we set up include a fine linen warp on a drawloom with forty pattern shafts, double weave on a drawloom with twenty pattern shafts, double weave on two treadled sets of shafts using twelve shafts for four blocks, turned overshot on a double warp beam combined with regular overshot, smålandsväv with eight pattern shafts, single unit draw and finally jämtlandsdräll (crackle) in a traditional pattern with fine threads. A very inspirational week for all of us!

October 2005

I had a rewarding trip to Sweden in September; I met wonderful people and made some valuable new contacts at the weaving conference (Väv 2005). It was a pleasure to share Säterglänten, my Swedish weaving school, with the 22 Americans who were part of the tour arranged by Alecia of Loominesce. We enjoyed a rep weave class there from Ylva Kongback and a patterned band weaving class from Ralf Maag. A wealth of old weaving books found in secondhand bookstores (antikvariat) in Stockholm have been added to my library.

Several new weaving books hot off the press were on display at the conference, including one in English. Check the bookstore for these new titles later this month.

I have met with the holder of the copyright to Weave Structures the Swedish Way and have made progress toward being able to publish my translated edition. I have also met with Natur och Kultur, the publisher of The Swedish Weaving Book, my other translation project. Someone there will help me assimilate the text with the illustrations. These projects are moving along slowly but surely.

Mini movies should now load much faster in your browser as their file sizes are much reduced. The mini movie for this month is Winding a bobbin using a pirn. A properly wound pirn can have everything to do with beautiful selvedges.

[update 10/14/05]
Eight new books have been added to the Store — take a look!

September 2005

The monthly newsletter is back on track again barring any further technical difficulties. [Apologies from the webmaster!]

A weft loop disappears is the new mini movie offering for this month.

I will be away the entire month of September. Chuck may be able to process straightforward orders for me during the last half of September if the items are in stock.

I will be starting to put my 2006 class schedule together after I get back. Feel free to request certain classes for certain times and I’ll see how it all adds up.

July/August 2005

Cold mangle in use and adjusting a temple are the two mini movie offerings for these two months. We are working on getting these movies to download a little faster so keep checking in.

The first several yarn color cards are online now at the Store. The accuracy of the colors may vary depending on your computer monitor. Buying the sample book is still the most accurate way to view color detail.

My flax crop was good. I picked it while it still had a fair amount of green in it. The bundles I’ve retted so far have a bit of a greenish cast to them.

I will be away the last half of August and all of September. Any orders made after mid-August may have to wait until October.

June 2005

There is a new rag rug book in the Store this month; it’s back in print due to popular demand.

I am working on adding color cards to the yarns section of the Store to make ordering easier for you. I have a good supply of cottolin in stock at a very low price, and have been enjoying weaving plainweave with it. The reed I use is 80 dents per inch, 1 end per dent. (The equivalent is 20 dents per inch.) There is no risk of reed marks with the fine reed.

I have secured the use of a nearby facility for storing my stock of looms and equipment. This will allow me to keep more in stock in the future.

Check out the warping trapeze on my new “mini movies” page. I am pleased to be offering 30-second long silent film clips to demonstrate equipment and techniques. Each one will be accompanied by a short bit of explanatory text. Please send me your suggestions for movie topics. I plan to add one movie a month–in fact, the next several months’ worth are even all ready to go–so although the page is small now it will grow large in time.

May 2005

An Intro class has been added to my fall schedule. The dates are October 29 – November 4. This class starts on a Saturday evening and ends Friday at noon, which is offset one day from my usual format. It is filling quickly so anyone interested in this class should check in with me soon.

I have been working with a local woodworker on designing a thin and flexible reed hook with a comfortable wooden handle. I hope to be offering these exciting new tools for sale in the future. I will be posting their progress here.

I just spent three full days helping a student of mine set up an Öxabäck loom with a triple drawloom combination system. Lots of single unit draw cords go over the top of the loom and down near the beater as well as 50 pattern shafts at the back of the loom. It all went quite smoothly. Doing the tasks in the correct order is physically comfortable and leaves little need for adjustments.

My flax is up and about one inch high. It’s a small patch again this year, a circle about 5 feet across. It’s enjoying the rain.

April 2005

I have added an Intro class to the June schedule due to demand. It will be held June 19-25 and there are still a few openings left, although it seems to be filling fast.

I’ve been continuing my new wardrobe project by weaving a small bolt of twill fabric in 24/2 cotton in 10 colors. I warped it with 30 ends at once without using a paddle. Lots of yellow, orange, gold, reddish orange, etc., good for spring. I hope to be wearing it on the trip to Sweden this fall that I mentioned in last month’s news. I hope some of you will be able to join us.

It’s time to prepare the garden for my modest flax crop.

March 2005

The exciting announcement this month is that Alecia Elvstad of Loominesce is putting together a weaving trip to Sweden this September 12-26. She has consulted with me in the planning stages and I will be going. The trip starts with a day or two in Stockholm followed by a week long stay at Sätergläntan, the weaving school I attended in 1981. The time there will be divided up into small excursions and a weekend class in rep weave and band weaving. Then the group will be off to Karlstad to a weaving conference which includes short classes, lectures and a bus tour. She is working out some details so that English speakers will not be left behind. This will be a wonderful trip. Watch for the advertisement in the current Handwoven magazine or call Alecia directly at Loominesce, 886-412-8136.

My February class went well and the month of March will provide plenty of weaving time for me as well as cleaning, organizing and hopefully progressing on my book projects.

February 2005

Due to demand for another Intro class, I am now offering both April dates as Intro classes and will reschedule the Swedish Heirlooms class to a future date as yet undetermined. Please let me know if you are interested in this class.

There is currently a fairly good supply of cottolin in stock on my shelves. This is a good time to stock up as the rising exchange rate will be reflcted in a new pricelist in the near future.

One of my winter weaving projects has been a tablecloth in 8 shaft satin on the drawloom with 9 pattern shafts, 16/1 linen warp and weft, using mallions to thread the warp. I’ve also been adding some dresses to my very old and tired handwoven wardrobe.

January 2005

Flossa bars are now in stock! They have two narrow flat pieces of metal held together on one end by a wooden handle. They are used for weaving pile rugs in the flossa technique which entails wrapping the weft yarn around the two metal bars between tying rya knots. After a row of knots is completed and three plain weave wefts are woven, the loops can be sliced with a knife inserted between the metal bars. The flossa bars come in two widths, 10mm and 15mm. They also come with a protective wooden sheath.
The price for flossa bars 70 cm and 100 cm long is $52.00
The price for flossa bars 120 cm and 160 cm long is $60.00

I’m mostly finished with my first January vacation project of a 60″ square tablecloth in #8 tow linen warp and weft with 10 napkins to match on a separate warp. I’ve got 5 napkins left to weave, then it’s hemming and cold mangling. It’s a project that was designed during my Swedish schooling back in 1981. Some of these things that one plans to get around to some day actually come to be!

December 2004

The big news this month is that my video Dress Your Swedish Drawloom has finally been released. Anyone who is curious about what a drawloom is or who wants to know what to do with a drawloom they already have should be interested in this video. It explains in detail the setting up of a warp on several kinds of drawlooms. It also explains the differences between the shaft draw, single draw and combination systems to help the weaver choose which one is most suitable for their needs. The video is over two hours long and the cost is $50.00 plus $4.00 shipping fee.

After completing an invigorating year of 11 classes I’m looking foward to two months’ break. I’m tackling the daunting task of reorganizing all of my woven samples from 24 years of weaving so that any sample is easy to locate at the drop of a hat. It will also be a chance to focus on playing a bit more music and even take some kind of long-needed vacation.

Speaking of music, our contra dance band, The Moving Violations, has just released a new CD titled “Quick Spin.” It’s available from the band’s website, or you can purchase it (and other CDs I’m on) from me directly.

November 2004

My updated brochure is at the printer this week and will be sent to my mailing list upon completion. Dates for 2005 classes will be posted on this site at that time as well. I anticipate classes filling quickly, so register early to reserve a slot in a class.

The covers for the Swedish drafting book translation and the drawloom video are finished — now it’s just the finishing touches on what’s inside the covers left to go. I’m looking forward to completing these projects very soon.

[update 11/12/04]
The new schedule for 2005 classes is available. I’ve updated my class descriptions a bit and changed the names of some of the classes in the process. Check the brochure descriptions and feel free to ask me any questions. I expect some of these classes to fill early, so sign up as soon as possible to secure a spot in a class.

Becky’s Väv Stuga invites you all to an open house Sunday November 28, 10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. There will be some yarn bargains as well as the usual books and equipment. There will even be some handwoven goods for sale. Included in these will be piles of handwoven scraps that have accumulated over the years which I’ll be selling for $10.00/pound. Come eat refreshments and socialize.

October 2004

I hope to get a mailing out this month of my new brochure with next year’s class schedule. I will post the schedule on this website at that time as well.

I have been getting more and more colors in stock of cottolin (60% cotton, 40% linen) as well as many colors of 16/2 swedish cotton. More info on the yarns page.

It’s been a busy Fall, class-wise, with two rug classes coming up this month. The looms are full of linen and cotton rug warps and the house is filling up with pre-cut rags (from Sweden) and wool rug yarns of many colors.

September 2004

The big news this month is that you can now leave me messages via this website. I still prefer listening and talking to reading and typing, so telephone calls are always welcome. I have set up a voice mail service so you can always leave a message even if I’m on the line with someone else.

I have been enjoying weaving on my new 16-shaft Glimakra! The only new parts are actually the shafts, treadles, treadle beam, countermarch and lamms. These are mounted on my trusty old 150 cm loom.

A week at Balkan camp recently has left me exhausted and exhilarated. We all played music and danced into the wee hours of the morning.

August 2004

I’m delighted to offer Joanne Hall’s new book, Tying Up the Countermarch Loom, in my bookstore. Joanne has put years of experience and research into this book which is full of very clear diagrams and explanations.

My linen class last month got to witness the first harvest of this year’s flax crop. I’ve harvested a good batch of seeds so I can grow a larger field of the stuff next year. It’s been retting very well in this hot weather!

July 2004

The editing of my drawloom video has finally begun and will continue this month. The drafting book translation is nearly done. I anticipate the completion of both projects, drafting book and drawloom video, this summer.

My flax crop is doing well. Some plants have reached over 40″ tall. I plan to rett some green flax during my upcoming Linens Class this month. That should give a green cast to the linen yarn!

June 2004

A Class I has been added to the 2004 schedule. Its dates are September 19-25.

I have built a new library corner in my studio, since the books in the old weaving library were outgrowing the available shelf space — the old library shelves are becoming my weaving archives. I’ve started by cutting and serging 8.5″x11″ swatches of nearly 200 fabrics secured in seven 3″ binders. The project will continue with my napkin, placemat, and scarf samples next.

Editing of the drawloom video that we filmed in March has finally found a place on the calendar beginning June 30.

May 2004

I am placing an order to Sweden this month, so this is a good time to order any loom parts you’ve been thinking about. The next order to Sweden may not be until next fall.

A weak dollar against the euro is making the linen pricier. Also, higher shipping costs are not helping. Therefore, my web site pricelist reflects an increase.

Look for four new books in the bookstore. My bedspread project mentioned last month is from the Norwegian bedspread book. It still needs to be sewn together and washed.

April 2004

I’ve been concentrating heavily on drawlooms this month. I spent several days planning and filming a video on drawlooms, in addition to teaching two drawloom classes. The editing process has already begun on the video and I hope to have it available later this spring or summer. The pricelist for drawloom attachments is now available upon request.

Look for a few new offerings in the bookstore later this month. My two translation projects are still progressing at a modest rate.

I’ve started a new project based on idea in a book I bought on my recent trip to Sweden in February. I have warped a loom with a coverlet in the smålandsväv technique on eight pattern shafts. It uses an unusual loom setup: the loom has two plain-weave shafts at the back of the loom, and the pattern shafts with large eye heddles are hung on elastic bands at the front of the loom.

March 2004

The makers of Glimakra looms at Gunnar Anderssons Vävskedsfabrik in Oxberg Sweden welcomed us with open arms and a great factory tour, and Marianne left the office long enough to take us skiing on the Vasaloppet Trail. I can’t wait to use my new tie-up system on the 16-shaft loom they’re making for me. They are interested in knowing what direction Americans would like to see them go. Would changes to the equipment be welcome or not? Let me know what you think.

Next we traveled to Sunne where Karin, the maker of Myrehed drawloom attachments, also rolled out the red carpet for us. We spent a whole day absorbing wisdom from her about using her equipment. Her father invented these drawlooms as well as the U-shaped metal weight for the pattern heddles which she makes in the workshop at her parents’ house. This visit provides some good fuel from my upcoming drawloom video as well as for my March drawloom class (in which there are still a few openings).

What a privilege to be hosted for a night by Ulla Cyrus-Zetterström! This incredible woman of 90 studied Chinese at 70 and seemed pleased that I have republished her book Manual of Swedish Handweaving which she wrote well before I was born. This was a real honor we’ll never forget.

Last and far from least was the opportunity to visit my Swedish weaving teachers — Ingegärd Jannson, Astrid Axelsson, Greta Johansson and Marie Stålberg — to whom I owe so much. Every moment I teach weaving these women are near me, telling me what to do and what to say. I had the pleasure of expressing this fact to them and seeing their joy.

On the home front, we have now added a Publishing page to this site to track the multiple projects underway at Väv Stuga Press.

February 2004

The Väv Stuga office will be closed for two weeks mid-month while I am traveling in Sweden. I’ll be making many weaving-related stops.

Check the Store for the latest addition to this web site: I have added a price list for linen and cotton yarns from Holma-Helsinglands.

The translation of Väv Boken is ready for its third edit. The current English title is The Swedish Weaving Book: Planning, Loom Dressing, Finishes.

I’m transforming my looms into drawlooms this month in preparation for March classes and a video session. If all goes well I will present a new video later this year titled Introduction to Swedish Drawlooms.

January 2004

The Manual of Swedish Handweaving is back in print!!! I’m delighted to offer this as the first publication from Väv Stuga Press. You can read the details on my books page.

My second book project, Weave Structures the Swedish Way, is still in progress. The translation is done and is now being compiled with the graphics. The cover, a mosaic of colored woven swatches, is well on its way.

The rough translation of Väv Boken: Uträkning, uppsättning, montering complete and the first round of editing is underway. I’m still considering the English translation of the title, which will be something like The Weaving Book: Planning, Warping, Finishing.

December 2003

The reprint of Ulla Cyrus-Zetterström’s book Manual of Swedish Handweaving has a date to go to the bindery on December 9th. I hope it will be available just before Christmas. I will be sending out postcards to those of you on my mailing list. Otherwise check back later this month for purchasing details.

My studio is getting a fresh cleaning and organizing in preparation for a busy year of classes. The January class is full and others are filling. As of now there are still openings in all the others.

I’m still enjoying my fall of intensive weaving of curtains and a coverlet with a turned draft on two warp beams and a fly shuttle.

The first draft of my translation of Väv Boken is nearly complete.

November 2003

The reprint of Ulla Cyrus-Zetterström’s Manual of Swedish Handweaving is at the printersnow and off to the bindery after that.

I’ve established somewhat regular office hours on weekdays 10:00-12:00. I am usually available then by phone. We do screen calls, so start leaving a message and I will pick up the phone. You may fax me at the same number anytime.

I am currently putting in an order to Sweden for looms and equipment, so if there’s anything you want that needsto be special ordered, now is a good time.

I’m finally making curtains for the house. Each window gets a different weave structure!

October 2003

I’m looking forward to a busy class schedule next year after taking some time off this fall. I am offering a class in Swedish rug techniques for the first time that many of you have been asking for. Let me know right away if you are interested as it may fill quickly.

I hope to complete my two current book projects in the near future. These are a reprint of Manual of Swedish Handweaving by Ulla Cyrus-Zetterström and a translation of a basic Swedish drafting book. I have been weaving samples for the cover of this book this summer!

Other future projects include a series of videos featuring my various classes. These will enable students to take my workshops who are unable to attend in person and also be a good review for those who have attended. My new tie-up system will be demonstrated as well as the warping trapeze, which is a perfect tool for beaming a warp alone.

Some of you may be interested to know that I continue to experiment with a new tie-up system for countermarch looms using texsolv. Let me know if it has become a fast and foolproof method for you! I would love feedback. Contact me (by mail, phone, or fax) if you want information on this tie-up system.

Stay well and happy weaving.

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