January 2022

Despite the challenges in the world right now, we feel optimistic about gathering people together again this summer for classes in the Farmhouse & Barn studios.

remember gathering? and summer?
remember gathering? and summer?

It is with this optimism that we offer you our 2022 class schedule.

Class schedule for 2022

Since we still continue to fill many slots with students who have been waiting one or two years, our openings are little bit limited. We encourage you to contact us right away if you want to secure a spot at our weaving oasis this year. Check out our 2022 class lineup!

Yes, Video Basics counts

You can satisfy the Basics prerequisite, for any of our classes that require it, by completing Basics in our Vävstuga Video Classes.

Vävstuga Vävsters

We’re excited to announce this new program for our dedicated alumni in 2022.

Have you been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering “What’s next for me?” During the last several years Becky has been developing the Vävstuga Vävsters program to encourage and challenge talented and motivated Vävstuga weavers to strive for the Vävster Award. The program advocates experiencing a broad range of materials and techniques.

We invite all eligible Vävsters to apply for our inaugural event, a Winter Retreat in Feb–Mar 2022. Come enjoy the camaraderie of weaving together with fellow Vävstuga alumni, gearing your projects during your 1–3 weeks to work toward your Vävster Award. As a Vävstuga Vävster you will troubleshoot together with your colleagues, inspiring each other to new weaving heights and ambitions.

Väv Immersion 2022

Our sister organization Fabric of Life 501(c)(3) is honored yet one more time to hold their 8-week residential weaving intensive, Väv Immersion 2022, from April 12 to June 4. There will be a variety of scholarships available again this year. We know that April is right around the corner, and details will be up shortly. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact office@fabric-of-life.org.

Extra Entertainment


Winter greetings from Shelburne, Massachusetts.

December 2021

Holiday shopping hours

Our store will be open through December 14, so don’t procrastinate! We’ll close for the holidays on December 15th. We will be opening up again on Tuesday, January 4, 9:00–3:00 ET.

Loom Bumpers

Our Loom Bumpers are now available in 2 lengths. Try them to keep your loom from gliding across the room as you weave. A bit of foam padding at the end not only protects your wall but also acts as a shock absorber as you beat. The notched end fits snugly around the foot of your loom to hold the bumper in place.

Vävstuga Loom Bumpers
Vävstuga Loom Bumpers

Class schedule 2022

We have been working hard on our 2022 class schedule, which we will plan to advertise with our January newsletter. If you are still rolling over a deposit from a 2021 class, we will contact you before the end of the year to make sure you get first dibs (unless you contact us first). This means that it is important that any one else wanting to take a class in 2022 contact us as soon as possible after our January newsletter comes out, as spaces will be limited. We are very much looking forward to a safe, peaceful, and rewarding 2022 class season.

New class format

Running 2 classes simultaneously with only 4 students each has been met with such enthusiasm from our students this year, that we are making it a permanent change in our programming format. Not only can you be in a smaller, more intimate group, but you can also vicariously experience what another class group is up to, making your time here all the more enriching. In most cases each student will have a dedicated loom for their own use, in addition to projects already set up on other looms. This eliminates the stress of moving from one loom to the next in a specified timeframe, as each student can use their personal loom at their own pace.

Vävstuga Vävsters

A forthcoming new program for our dedicated alumni! We will be launching the Vävstuga Vävsters in 2022, for those of you who have been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering, “What’s next for me?” During the last 3–4 years Becky has been developing this program that will encourage and challenge talented and motivated Vävstuga weavers to strive for the Vävstuga Vävster Achievement Award. We are dedicating some weeks in February and March to the launching of this program, which advocates experiencing a broad range of materials and techniques. Look for more details in our January newsletter.

Väv Immersion 2022

Our sister organization and 501(c)(3) Fabric of Life is honored to hold their 8-week residential weaving intensive again in 2022, from April 12 to June 4. As before, there will be a variety of scholarships available. We know that date is right around the corner, and details will be up shortly on the Fabric of Life website. If you are interested, or know someone who is, reply to: office@fabric-of-life.org.

Recent class activity

November 2021

Happy Fall yarn sale

  • 20% off yarn orders placed online, with gratitude for your business and friendship
  • Sale begins on Monday, November 22th at 12:01am (just after midnight on Sunday) and ends on Sunday, November 28th at 11:59pm
  • (Sale includes in-stock yarns ordered online only)
Vävstuga yarn store

Thanksgiving closure

We will close for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 24th at 3pm, and will remain closed on Thurs-Fri the 25th-26th.

Vävstuga Basics Kit

The Basics Kit is a new resource for our Vävstuga Basics Video Class. Peek inside this wonderful binder (it could be yours!). Find it in our Store.

Last opportunity to join us in 2021

We have 1 spot available in Mönster Parti, Nov 15-19.

Mönster Parti (not like this)

Welcome Barbara

We are delighted to introduce Barbara Blumenthal, who has joined us in the office once a week to help keep everything running smoothly. Thank you, Barbara!

Barbara Blumenthal

Recent class activity

October 2021

We have had a very busy September holding classes in our open Barn and eating meals on our open screen porch. The change of the season brings brilliant colors to New England, but will also mean many of us will be spending more time inside. This means it will be a wonderful time to hunker down at your looms with some exciting new projects.

Class availability

Weave with us in 2021! Just a few openings left.

  • Projects – October 25-29
    Come join us for a Vävstuga Favorites or Farmhouse Projects week. Here’s an opportunity to whip up some wonderful Christmas presents, alongside the camaraderie of our upcoming Basics class.
  • Designing Awesome Warps – November 8-12
    Give yourself the gift of time it takes to sit down and create weaving designs under Becky and Eva’s tutelage in our Designing Awesome Warps class, using all sorts of fun tools and materials. Becky’s multitudinous samples and tips and tricks developed over many years will help you find your own designing methods and style.
  • Mönster Parti – November 15-19
    Mönster Parti is the is most advanced weaving class Becky offers, focusing on block weaves and their profile tie-ups. How many weave structures can be woven using the same profile draft, and how does changing the profile tie-up change the entire pattern? Come and join us to find out.

Bring Becky to your studio

In case you were not able to join us in person this summer, or miss coming to Vävstuga, or have always wanted to come here and can’t make it happen right now, a subscription to Becky’s Vävstuga Basics Class on video might be just what you need for this upcoming weaving season.

Curious about our new Vävstuga Video Classes?

Some fall weaving suggestions

Wool shawl in our Mora yarn

This twill pattern appears with many others in our Praktiskt Vävbok, a reprint from a lovely vintage weaving book from 1899. If you would like a Warp-to-Go for this beautiful 8 shaft shawl, we have some color selections for you to choose from, or you could make your own colorway with our Yarn-in-a-Jar designing tool. Here are a few of the 15 Mora shawl colorways that you will find among our ever-growing Warps to Go options.

How about a gorgeous Thanksgiving tablecloth?

This tablecloth is featured in this book of distinctive quilted coverlets from Östergötland in Sweden. You could weave it as a coverlet, or turn it into a tablecloth! There are many beautiful Block damask drafts presented here that you can weave on 8 shafts in two blocks of broken twill or straight twill, or you could weave these in a 10 shaft satin.

Plaid fabric yardage

Weave some beautiful cottolin yardage for fall and winter clothing. We have our first in a series of fabrics to offer you in a range of widths. You can select a warp with 4, 5, or 6 repeats of the plaid across the warp width. Here are a few of our 16 plaid fabric colorways.

Recent class activity

Vävstuga Basics Video Class

20 hours of Becky’s experienced teaching

Always wanted to join us for a Basics class? Wish you could relive the experience from home anytime? We are thrilled to announce that Vävstuga Basics is now available as a video class! It’s hosted at Vimeo, where you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, and there’s a Forum where you can post your questions and meet fellow students.

Becky’s Vävstuga Basics, developed over a span of 30 years, has welcomed over 1000 students in-person at Vävstuga Weaving School. You now have the option to take this class in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and repeat everything as often as you like.

Even if you have taken our Basics class in the past, this video class provides a wonderful review and fun way to reminisce, as well as an opportunity to learn new material. This video series shows things in such detail that you might be able to see the demonstrations even better than being part of an in-person group.

What does the class cover?

Four Projects
The four traditional projects for this class — the Towel, Tablecloth, Blanket, and Block damask — are each presented in their own detailed instructional videos. You will have the information you need to work on all of these projects from beginning to end.
Record Keeping
We bring you into the classroom to fill out your own project sheet by Becky’s side. She goes over all the details, answering all the typical questions she has heard over the many years of teaching this class.
Drafting classes
Becky presents her traditional Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday drafting classes, with more details and examples that we ever had time to show you in person. The multitude of examples shown close-up with accompanying graphics help unlock the mystique around fabric structure.
The final session on finishing is also included with our fun and memorable “paper towel” hemming session using scissors and glue stick. Fringing and fulling instructions for the blanket top it off.

What does my subscription include?

Your subscription to Vävstuga Video Classes includes:

  • Vävstuga Basics class = 20 hours of video content + many handouts and extras
  • Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way DVD content
  • Dress Your Swedish Drawloom DVD content
  • Access to our member Forum
  • Access to further classes as we add them

We hope you will give this exciting new product a try.

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