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  • August 2020

    Two wonderful books are back in print

    Warp and Weft

    This concise, but encyclopedic, collection of weave structures is a must for everybody’s weaving library. This long-awaited reprint has been meeting boundless enthusiasm already.

    The extensive collection of projects includes full draw downs and profile drafts. A close-up photograph of the woven fabric is shown adjacent to each draw down, and the text goes into detail about each structure in a straightforward, understandable manner.

    The honeycomb curtains that hang in our Water Street studio are just one of the exciting structures in this book.

    These curtains are also available in the Farmhouse Projects class.




    Favourite Rag Rugs: 45 Inspiring Weave Designs

    We are delighted that Tina Ignell’s superb rag rug book is back in print.

    It is beautifully illustrated, with nearly 200 examples, including variations on plain weaves, twills, satins, block weaves, color effects, double weaves and lampas, as well as a variety of more unusual structures.

    Also included is a bonus of 5 rugs woven on the same warp.

    The color photos are clear and close-up and accompanied by complete draw-downs and profile drafts.

    There is plenty of new inspiration to be gleaned from this beautiful book.





    Table Sets to Go

    We are offering you a new Warp-to-Go with our Tablecloth and Napkin sets.

    There is nothing like the joy of a brand new, cheerful table covering along with napkins to match.

    In times of being cloistered at home, it’s surprising what a difference these small aesthetic touches can make in your day.

    The “Small Tablecloth” can be woven in two slightly different sizes, depending on what reed you choose, expanding this option for people with limited loom size.

    The “Large Tablecloth” can also be woven in two different reeds, giving you a total of four sizes to choose from for this project. See all our Warps to Go.




    Phone hours are back

    We are now opening up our phone hours on a limited basis and would love to hear from you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-2pm.


    Store visits by appointment

    For those of you who are local shoppers, we now welcome you to make an appointment to come browse the store in person. Shopping groups are limited to 2 people who plan to shop together. Masks are required.


    Update on classes

    We have held successful class weeks in the Barn studio in July and we are currently enjoying a small group of students in our Vävstuga Bandloom class. We hope to hold more classes in the coming weeks, but as the United States continues to reel with virus outbreaks, we do not rest assured that classes will continue into the fall. We are contemplating other options for folks to spend time safely in our studio and library and we continue our work towards creating content online. Our newsletter will keep you informed as our plans for the near future develop. Thank you for subscribing and for your support!

    July News

    Hello dear and valued Vävstuga friends,

    Book Sale on Vävstuga Press Titles

    As a celebration of offering Vävstuga weaving classes for 30 years, we have dedicated our entire month of July to an unprecedented Vävstuga Press book sale. These books sit at the heart of our mission to provide quality weaving education in the Swedish tradition in the English language.

    The 20% off sale runs until July 31st at midnight.  Please place your orders on our web store. The discount will appear in your shopping basket. We appreciate your business very much!

    Transitions at Vävstuga

    This challenging time has been described by many as offering an opportunity to rethink and envision a “new normal”. We have been focusing on how to shift our attention during these last few months to ensure that Vävstuga will continue to thrive and provide quality education for generations to come.

    We ask for, and appreciate, your ongoing support with what that will look like for Vävstuga.

    Moving to Bassett Road, Shelburne

    The beautiful Shelburne Falls weaving studio, which many of you have grown to love, has become too large a financial burden for Vävstuga to sustain with the uncertainty of when full-size classes can resume in a small space. We are in the process of locating the entire business to the Farmhouse and Barn Studios on Basset Road in Shelburne, MA. We anticipate the development of the Bassett Road property into a glorious, comfortable, and peaceful weaving retreat which will be a continuing work in progress.

    Virtual Learning

    This necessary shift comes with other changes. In order to make our weaving classes available to a wider audience at a time when fewer students can come to us, Becky will commence putting all of her class materials on video to be available by subscription. This will be a large undertaking as we review the last 30 years of a substantial amount of class material and we are committed to taking the time to do it well. If all goes as planned, a starter package will be available later this year.


    In order to learn more about everyone’s needs and desires, we have put together a survey which should not take long to complete. The answers you share will be invaluable to us and we thank you in advance for your time and input. Click here for a link to the Vävstuga Transition Survey.

    Our sister organization, Fabric of Life 501c3, is also going through a time of transition and has created a survey of their own. Over the next several months they will be reevaluating how to steer their focus to suit our inevitable “new normal”. Your input will be invaluable to their decision-making during this process. Becky appreciates your time in completing this survey, as well. Click here for a link to the Fabric of Life 501c3 Transition Survey.

    Thank you for your time!

    Weaving Exhibition in two parts

    Along with news of transition, we bring you an opportunity to see new projects that Becky has been working on. These two videos ended up on the long side, so set yourself up with a cup of tea and sit back! If you think you hear some rain and thunder, you are correct! Not our intention, but that’s how it turned out. Those of you in dry places might enjoy that part.

    Part 1: Recent Woven Projects Becky has been busy weaving new projects she has developed over the last year, along with emptying warp beams that have been waiting for her attention. Please enjoy the beautiful results!

    Part 2: Sigrid Palmgren’s Väv Bok project focuses on an exciting book project that we have been engaged in, and will continue to work on, which included weaving new examples for the reprint of a wonderful book. The video features work done in the last year (except for one set of towels from 13 years ago). All this weaving work is made possible by our wonderful staff at Vävstuga and our team of enthusiastic weavers who have joined this project.

    Virtual Classroom



    We have added two video lessons this month to our Virtual Classroom to enable you to weave a blanket double the width of your loom.

    Our Blanket Warps to Go are now a possibility for weavers with narrower looms.

    Here are the links to:

    Pre-sleying a double-width blanket warp


    Double-width tie-up construction


    MA Phased Reopening

    As the Northeast gradually and tentatively opens up, we welcome our first students next week since last March. Our Governor is only allowing travelers to enter MA from the 6 other Northeastern States.

    We will have a small group taking our Vävstuga Basics class in our barn studio, which has plenty of ventilation and good separation between looms and tables.

    Each student will have their own basket of supplies and we will be eating our mid-day meal in the fresh air.

    We are taking all the precautions we can to keep everybody safe, and we are eager to bring our classes back to life as long as the Northeast continues on its good path. We encourage everyone to do their part to contain the virus by wearing masks, keeping socially distant, washing hands, and following the guidance of our health experts. Be well!

    Two more fun links

    The following videos were sent to us by two of our students. If you cannot open the links directly, you can copy and paste the URLs into your browser.





    June News

    We hope you continue to be well and safe as Covid-19 continues to disrupt our lives and as different parts of our country attempt to find a ‘new normal’ in varying ways.

    Here at Vävstuga we continue to follow the directives of our Governor as we move through a phased re-opening in Massachusetts and we are encouraged that the rates continue to decline. We are still maintaining a reduced onsite staff, with safety precautions in place to fill your orders and answer your emails, but no phone hours for the time being.

    When do we reopen?

    As of now we are still not holding classes. Phase 3 re-opening in Massachusetts is slated to start on June 29, and would allow us to hold classes, however there is no guarantee that this date is firm, and we have more research to do concerning travel restrictions which are not yet published. We will be in touch with all of our registered students as soon as we know more. We feel it is imperative to make a responsible decision that does not put others at risk.

    Week-long Break starting June 22

    After many months of tireless service during these stressful and challenging times, the Vävstuga staff deserves a week-long break. We will continue to keep up with minimal shipping next week and will be back full steam ahead to serve you the week of June 29. Thank you for your patience.

    Two New Books

    Rya Rugs: Design and Make Your Own

    We are excited to offer this new and beautiful book, Rya Rugs: Design and Make Your Own by author and teacher Melinda Purcell Byrd. As the granddaughter of Bill and Angie Lundgren of Lundgren Rya in Northboro, Massachusetts, she grew up around ryas and rya designers. Their rya business provided all the supplies needed from Sweden for the rya rug making process. In their later years, her grandparents counted on Melinda to act as primary designer, teacher, and business manager. You can enjoy Melinda’s blog at her website where she generously shares her love and knowledge of rya rugs and more.

    This colorful book rich with photos includes history, personal stories by experienced rya rug makers from across the USA and the Nordic countries, but most of all, it shares all the tips and tricks of how to make a rya rug step-by-step, as well as how to design your own. It will be appreciated by both novice and advanced rya rug makers alike.



    Bound Plattväv Coverlets: And Kubbe’s Weaver Brothers

    We are delighted to announce the completion and availability of Becky’s translation of Åsa Viksten Strömbom‘s book Bottentäcken, now offered by Vävstuga Press as Bound Plattväv Coverlets: And Kubbe’s Weaver Brothers.

    The book features an unusual weave structure for coverlets, as well as relating the lives of the two brothers responsible for this innovative technique. While the technique uses traditional designs, there are no large floats on the front side of the fabric, making it ideal for coverlets, pillows, and upholstery.


    See Vävstuga Press book sale below.





    Looking ahead to July: Book Sale

    We are planning a Book Sale on all of our Vävstuga Press titles for your shopping pleasure during the entire month of July. We’ve never had a book sale before but we felt like offering something new and different during these challenging times when so many of us are spending more time at home. Doesn’t a new pile of weaving books sound like a very good way to spend some of that “home” time?

    Statement from Fabric of Life Newsletter

    June has been a month of national unrest, both sad and humbling. Our sister organization Fabric of life has posted a letter sharing our sentiment concerning recent events, which you may have already seen, but we include it here in case you have not read it and are interested.

    May News

    We hope you are well and safe as Covid-19 continues to disrupt our lives. Our Vävstuga staff is working from home as much as possible. We are still maintaining a reduced onsite staff, with safety precautions in place to fill your orders and answer your emails, but no phone hours for the time being.

    We really appreciate your support through your online orders and we look forward to being in touch and hearing about your current weaving projects.

    Annual Spring Online Yarn Sale

    It’s time to plan your Spring and Summer weaving! 

    In order to give you a bit more time to shop during our May sale this year we are extending it to 7 days. We still recommend you shop early as it is first come first serve on our beautiful yarns. It may take a tad longer than normal to get your yarns to you with our reduced staff, but we assure you we will send things out as fast as we safely can.  (Sorry, sale does not include our Yarn-in-a-jar or Warp-to-go products).

    20% off in-stock yarn orders placed online at store.vavstuga.com with gratitude for your business and friendship!

    Sale begins on Monday, May 25th at 12:01am (just after midnight on Sunday) and ends on Sunday, May 31st at 11:59pm.

    Sale is on in-stock yarns only. Online orders will be processed beginning on Tuesday, May 26th in the order in which they are received.

    New Warps to Go

    Coverlet Band Warp to Go

    Perhaps you have woven, or may plan to weave, one of our beautiful coverlets and you would like to surround it with a matching band.

    Perhaps you would simply like to experience weaving a gorgeous band on a floor loom.

    Becky has created this new Warp to Go for our much requested Coverlet band.

    See below for links to our Virtual Classroom for more on designing and weaving such a band.



    Enkel Skillbragd Coverlet Warp to Go

    This satisfying Norwegian coverlet is fairly quick and easy to weave, as far as sheepskin-backed coverlets go.

    Purchase this warp all ready to beam onto your loom at home. No need to worry about the math, simply email your color choices when you order to orders@vavstuga.com and let us do the rest.

    Details for choosing colors are on each of the Warps to Go web pages.



    Towel Warps to Go and New Color Changing Tool

    We have added multiple new colorways for our Towel Warps to Go for your shopping ease and pleasure. You might be inspired to create your own colorways and we look forward to seeing them.

    New Color Changing Tool

    We are very excited to introduce a fun and useful color changing tool available for many of our Towel Warps to Go. Designed for us by the talented Rebecca Green, this tool allows you to play with colors in your towel stripes and get a sense of how the towels will look.

    Check out the Design Tool for the Towel Warp to Go #2 shown in this picture.

    Of course, to avoid disappointment, we recommend you use our Yarn-in-a-Jar design tool to know what colors you are choosing, as screen colors can be misleading.

    Tablecloths too! These towels have a generous width even in twill. The plain weave sett can be used to weave darling 21″ square tablecloths.


    Yarn Play Ground

    After a momentary web store glitch, our Yarn Play Ground is back up and running in our yarn store.  Just go to any of our dyed yarn pages, click and drag the yarn swatches into the Yarn Mini-Playground to the left and move them around as you might play with yarns if you were in our store. Cottolin for example:

    Virtual Classroom

    Do you want to start from scratch and design your own Coverlet Band to weave on a floor loom? Learn how in our Virtual Classroom on video lessons #5 for designing and #6 for weaving.

    You will find other video lessons on the Virtual Classroom, as well as our Project Sheets, Sett Chart, and Metric Reed Conversion Table.

    Since we can’t let you into our beautiful studio at this time, Becky is offering these free lessons and tools for your learning and weaving pleasure.

    Call for Swedish Style Textiles

    The American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia is asking our Vävstuga weavers for suggestions on how to acquire modern textiles inspired by 18th and 19th century Swedish handcraft. This is an opportunity to sell or donate a wall hanging, runner, carriage cushion, etc

    Trevor is eager to hear of any such options that could be out there to acquire textiles for his new exhibit. One of their more dramatic historic interiors represents a colonial revival interpretation of a 19th century stuga interior.  As part of their plans for a large exhibition they are hosting between September and March, Trevor will be de-installing the existing textile gallery and re-interpreting the stuga interior as a primarily textile-focused interior space.

    This is a wonderful museum that hosted a Vävstuga textile presentation last year. It is worth joining in order to receive their lovely newsletter, even if you can’t go in person.

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class or visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) once we are able to gather together again. 
    For now visit our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group


    April 2020

    These unusual times have changed all of our lives. As our Vävstuga staff is mostly home-bound, we have taken the time to provide some useful and inspirational goodies to encourage you to take a break from other worries, if only momentarily.

    Our office/phone hours are still closed until further notice, but web store orders are welcome and appreciated, although packages may take a little longer to leave our doorstep. Bettie will be checking the office@vavstuga.com email from home if you need to reach us. We wish you all wellness and safety.

    Virtual Classroom

    Since we cannot let you into our beautiful studio right now, we bring Becky’s home studio directly to you with a Virtual Classroom. Watch our first group of instructional videos on proportioning stripes and calculating yarn quantity using your own color wrappings. We also have other useful project planning tools here.

    Vävstuga projects to make at home

    Towels & blankets
    Becky has dug out a basket full of Cottolin color windings made over many years of teaching. Most were made as a way to demonstrate color wrapping techniques for designing stripes. We have done the math for you and will wind you warps for towels or blankets and send them along with project sheets giving you a few options. Check out our designs on our new Warps to Go page. We will keep adding things here, so stay tuned. (FYI – First come first served on Tuna – we are awaiting a shipment but unsure of timing.)
    Stjerne coverlet
    We offer another special project for you to weave at home. “Stjerne” is one our favorite coverlets, as adapted by us from Åklær Å kle ei seng, a book that is sadly out of print. The original used 24/2 cotton, but our adaptation uses 16/2 cotton to make it a little easier. Let us know if you want to add a sheepskin backing after weaving your own beautiful coverlet!

    Damask napkin video by Becky

    Becky demonstrates weaving a 10 shaft satin napkin on a 70cm Ideal Glimåkra loom, which wasn’t supposed to be possible on a loom designed for only 8 shafts and treadles. Extra treadles are added on a longer rod, and she makes do with holes on the lamms by doubling up some of the cords in the lamm holes. Bumpers help keep the shafts even with the damask pulleys in use. A special tip about keeping linen under control on the shuttle is shown as well as using a pin to keep your place.

    Can we weave something for you?

    If you see a woven piece on our website that you would like to commission us to weave, that is currently a possibility. Just tell us what picture you are looking at, and request a quote and timeline. We will get back to you.

    Korean paper basket video

    We thought you might enjoy this short video on Korean paper weaving of baskets.

    COVID-19 update (3/24/20)

    Dear Weaving Friends,

    Due to MA Governor Baker’s decision to close non-essential businesses until April 7th, we at Vävstuga will be complying with this advisory in order to ensure the safety of our staff and to do our part in the slowing of this virus.

    At this time, our phone hours are closed. Bettie will be checking emails from home, so office@vavstuga.com is the best way to reach us if you need to.

    We will continue to process and ship online orders. However, we are limiting staff to one person in the building, and to limited hours during the next few weeks. This may cause a longer than usual processing time. We appreciate your business and your patience!

    We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the advice of health experts in the coming weeks.

    Stay home, enjoy weaving and other creative pursuits, and be well.

    Best regards,

    Message from Vävstuga re: Covid-19

    Hello to our Vävstuga weaving family,

    As Vävstuga faces these challenging weeks along with the rest of the world we hope you are all well and safe.

    It is a time to settle in at home with family and we hope you will enjoy more time for your creative pursuits.

    If you choose to sit at your loom to help these uncertain weeks pass, our web store and phone lines will remain open to serve our customers.

    We have been in touch with those of you in our canceled classes, between now and April 10th, and we are making every effort to reschedule your valued time with us.

    We will also continue to monitor the situation and to be in touch with those of you in later classes, if necessary, as things evolve. 

    We very much look forward to seeing you and we send our best wishes to all of you in the days ahead.

    Best wishes, Becky and the Vävstuga staff

    p.s. – In hopes of adding a bit of cheer, please enjoy this youtube video. Finding peace and happiness in nature is always recommended.

    March 2020

    Fun February Classes

    Mönster Parti We introduced this new class in February and what an interesting and challenging course it was. Daily theory lessons focused on analyzing profile drafts and profile tie-ups and how changing the profile tie-up can produce endless design variations. These lessons were then applied at the looms on a variety of woven structures.

    Vävstuga Basics We ended the month with another wonderful Basics class with its usual camaraderie, in-depth learning, and lots of weaving. Projects include cottolin and tow linen towels, cotton and cottolin table squares, line linen 8-shaft damask, and yummy Tuna wool blankets.

    Feeling spontaneous? We have one spot in Basics next week, March 9-13!

    We also have two spots open in our April 20-24 class and room in our July 13-17 and August 10-14 class weeks.

    The Vävstuga Band Loom is ready!

    The Vävstuga band loom fills a niche for those who want to weave plain bands and pick-up bands efficiently and comfortably on a little floor loom. The inkle shedding system spreads out the warp threads to facilitate weaving ornate pick-up patterns.

    Vävstuga Band Loom Class August 3-7

    To experience all the variety of things you can weave on the Vävstuga band loom you should come to this class! From plain weave bands to Mora style bands, to fancy pick-up patterns, this little loom can do it all.

    More Weaving Opportunities

    Drawloom ABC March 31-April 3

    Are you interested in trying your hand at Drawloom weaving? Come weave the gorgeous Opphämta structure in the Drawloom ABC class, March 31-April 3 or October 27-30. You can also choose to weave one of the Farmhouse Projects or Favorites Projects during these class weeks!

    Sagas & Fluff June 22-26

    Perhaps you would like to explore uncommon weft-faced structures. Join us for Sagas & Fluff, June 22-26.

    Basket Weaving Saturday, June 13th

    There are also a few spaces left in the June 13th Basket Weaving class with the delightful and award winning basket maker Wendy Jensen.

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    February 2020

    Designing Awesome Warps

    What a wonderful time we all had with the first Designing Awesome Warps class! Join us November 9-13 for the next one!

    We pushed the looms aside to make room for our work tables. Each student had their own tool box filled with everything needed for the many tools introduced. Lots of laughter and camaraderie were shared while we wrapped and cut and pasted and painted. Serious study of stripes, profile blocks, proportion, structure, and drafting was offered each day with woven examples to inspire us. An abundance of beautiful warp designs were created and some took to the mills at the end of the week to bring their designs home to weave. We are so looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    March/April Classes

    Vävstuga Basics only 1 or 2 spaces available: March 9-13, March 23-27, April 6-10 and April 20-24

    Call or email the office to register. If these dates don’t work for your schedule, there is still plenty of room in our July 13-17 and August 10-14 Basics class weeks. Enjoy Spring or Summer at Vävstuga with the Bridge of Flowers in full bloom.

    Farmhouse Projects/Vävstuga Favorites A few spaces available: March 3-6 and March 31-April 3

    The Farmhouse Projects class allows our Basics Alumni to take on projects that might be slightly larger or more complex than your own loom allows. It also provides time to stay into the weekend or even the following week to tackle longer warps such as curtains, tablecloths, rugs and more.

    You can also choose to weave any of our Vävstuga Favorites projects during these weeks. Many of the Favorites projects are available to those who have not yet taken the Vävstuga Basics class.

    All of the project warps can be wound for you in your choice of colors and loom set-up can be done in advance for you to whatever degree you desire.

    See our Farm House Projects and Vävstuga Favorites class pages for all the beautiful possibilities. Future weeks for these classes include June 8-12, June 16-19, and October 27-30.

    Coming soon – Handwoven Wool Blankets

    Eva and Meghan, two of our Väv Immersion students, have returned to Shelburne Falls and are weaving stunning wool blankets that will soon be available for purchase. They will be posting them on an Etsy website for your viewing pleasure within the next few weeks.  Keep your eyes open for these unique blankets.

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    January 2020

    Happy New Year!

    A New Class for new students and alum

    Blanket in a Week – January 20-24

    No need to plan anything ahead for this project. Choose your colors here and design as you wind the blanket on the mill. This process frees you up to use lots of colors of our beautiful Tuna wool and to make stripes with no need for math! The basket weave structure keeps your time for threading and weaving to a minimum and produces a thick and luxurious blanket everyone will want to wrap themselves up in. 120cm loom width still available for this week.

    2 NEW Classes for our Basics Alum in January & February

    Designing Awesome Warps – January 27 – 31

    We are so excited about this unprecedented class. Whether you love to design or are afraid of it, Becky has prepared an in depth program using accessible ways to trigger the imagination with a whole variety of fun tools, including scissors, tape, colored paper, magnets, glue, paint, colored pencils and more. The opportunity to expand your hat full of tricks at the warping mill will be eye-opening! Students can expect to complete 2 project sheets each day including towels, tablecloth, blanket, yardage, monksbelt, plattväv, rep placemats, dubbelbindning rugs, smålandsväv, rosepath and block weaves, all designed by you complete with any assistance required doing the math for each one. A special session sharing tips on calculating pre-sleying will top off the theoretical portion. Students will be offered the opportunity to wind as many warps as desired to take home,  giving lots of practice taking advantage of our beautiful colors of cotton, wool, and linen.Spend a week dedicated to exploring patterns, colors, and textures, learning specific design techniques, and winding warps on our mills to take home ready to hit the loom.

    Mönster Parti – February 3-7

    In Swedish, a mönster is a pattern, and a parti is a block. Come and learn to use a single profile draft for many different weave structures. Our woven projects and daily theory lessons will expose you to the endless variations that are possible.  This class delves into the inner workings of a profile draft, and is the most technical weaving class Vävstuga has offered up to this point. One profile can be used for many different structures. Explorations for this week include Damask, Rep, Lace, Double weave, Pseudo-damask, Shadow weave and Taqueté (dubbelbindning in multiple blocks). Students will practice taking a profile draft to make detailed threadings, treadlings and tie-ups for each of these weave structures. We will also see how changing the profile tie-up changes the patterns dramatically.

    2020 Vävstuga Basics

    We have added several spaces to our Vävstuga Basics class to try to reduce our usual waiting lists and welcome more students into the Vävstuga community.If you, or someone you know, have tried to enroll in Basics in the past, but our classes were full, we hope you’ll try again in 2020.

    Basics classes with a few spaces left include February 24-28, March 9-13 and March 23-27. Basics classes with plenty of space include April 6-10, July 13-17, and August 10-14.

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.