June 2022

Barnfest bargain boutique

Special sale at our Barnfest this Saturday, June 11, from 12:30-4:00. Goodies for weavers include 2.5 meter warping mills, Glimåkra band looms, and books galore — see the flyer for more info.

Barnfest boutique
Barnfest boutique flyer

New class sessions

We’ve added two class sessions to our schedule:

First come, first served; contact us. Note that in Swedish Classics we now offer an introduction to the drawloom, offering the same warp that Tonya wove her infamous alphabet on.

Tonya's drawloom alphabet
Tonya’s infamous drawloom alphabet


Join us this Saturday, June 11, from 1pm until the wee hours.

After two years of cancellation, we are once again inviting folks to our beautiful Farmhouse property for this festival, which is meant to be our annual fundraising event for our sister nonprofit Fabric of Life. In addition to our Bargain Boutique mentioned above, there will be a welcoming Spinning Circle Extravaganza, so bring your wheel! Among other offerings, there will be an opportunity for folks to weave on floor looms, pet baby ducklings, watch glassblowing, and engage in a variety of enticing mini workshops.

See Fabric of Life’s Barnfest page to learn more, and to sign up for mini workshops.

Barnfest flyer
Barnfest spinning circle
Spinning Circle flyer

Väv Immersion celebration

We are so proud that our fifth cohort has just finished this year’s 8-week immersive residential weaving class. Our fabulous and diverse group of four students worked incredibly hard and learned a tremendous amount. Last week we hosted a Grand Exhibition for the public to meet our students, celebrate their accomplishments, and share yummy snacks.

Väv Immersion: proud 2022 cohort
Väv Immersion: proud 2022 cohort
Väv Immersion: Angela's weavings
Väv Immersion: Angela’s weavings

Recent classes

We also had two Vävstuga Basics classes in May. Check out their beautiful color combos.

Basics group, May 2022
celebratory Basics group, May 2022
Basics pink gradient warp
Basics, pink gradient warp
Basics, greens and blues
Basics, greens and blues
Basics, red to green
Basics, red to green

May 2022

Spring yarn sale online, June 6–12

It’s time to plan your summer weaving! Our annual spring sale offers 20% off in-stock yarn orders placed in our online store, with gratitude for your business and friendship. The sale begins on Monday, June 6th at 12:01am and ends on Sunday, June 12th at 11:59pm. In-stock yarns only. Orders will be processed beginning on Tuesday, June 7th in the order in which they were received.

spring yarn sale online, June 6–12
spring yarn sale online, June 6–12

VÄV Magasinet back issues

We’ve obtained a limited supply of back issues for this timeless magazine, and we’re selling them in sets by year from 1982–2003, as long as they last. If you have been searching for these, or are ready for some new inspiration, now is the time to purchase. $39 for a set of four, or $32 for a set of three. In Swedish.

Lillemor Johansson, the creator and editor of Väv Magasinet for 20 years starting in 1982, is well known in Sweden and beyond for her enormous contribution to Scandinavian weaving. She has also published several outstanding weaving books of many coveted weaving books, two of which can be found in our store.

Vävstuga Video Basics support: yarn kits, supply list, Forums

Now available: materials in our store to make it easier for you to jump right in. Each contains all the yarns you’ll need for one project. Becky has designed some starter colorways to whet your appetite (the blankets are particularly luscious), or you can use our nifty Väv Design tool to invent your own new color combinations.

We’ve also posted a supply list, a handy table showing what tools and yarns you’ll need for each project in Vävstuga Video Basics.

The Forums on Vimeo are the place to post your questions about Vävstuga Video Basics as you proceed. Apologies to anyone whose question went unanswered for a while: we have only just discovered that Becky was not getting notified properly of all new posts, and we think that is now resolved.

Take a look at our inspiring colorway suggestions for each project.

Snips and measuring ribbon

These two favorite tools are finally up on our notions page. Maybe there are some other goodies here that you are in need of as well?

Class openings

We have a few slots open for the following classes:

Maker’s Menagerie

Our sister organization, Fabric of Life, is partnering with Build Repair Grow to offer a magical new program this summer. Maker’s Menagerie is designed for young people and their young-at-heart grown-ups to explore a variety of skills and crafts, including fiber skills, while building a strong and vibrant community. June 20–24. Come for 1 day, 3 days, or all 5 days.

Barnfest 2022

Join us for this year’s Barnfest on June 11. Our biggest fundraising and community event of the year, Barnfest is a full day event that includes local crafters and artisans, kids’ activities, music, dancing, food, and the weaving together of an amazingly vibrant community. We welcome all to join us beginning at 1pm for a variety of mini-workshops, raffles, a buffet dinner, and after-dinner musical entertainment into the wee hours of the morning. Pre-registration for mini-workshops will open soon.

Special this year: up for silent auction will be an Ulla Cyrus Öxabäck Loom — 150cm, 10 shafts and 10 treadles.

More details on the Barnfest page.

If you are available before, during, or after Barnfest, we would be ever so grateful for your willingness to volunteer a bit of time to make this event run smoothly.

Recent class activity

Some inspiring postcards from our April classes, Väv Immersion and Drawloom ABC.

Angelica pondering Smålandsväv
Angelica pondering Smålandsväv
Becky's Opphämta
Becky’s Opphämta
Ann weaving yardage
Ann weaving yardage
Eli tying up his blanket treadles
Eli tying up his blanket treadles
Angelica's yardage
Angelica’s yardage
backyard daffodils
backyard daffodils
Virginia's shaft draw
Virginia’s shaft draw
Pat's single unit
Pat’s single unit

For your watching pleasure

April 2022

New Basics class in May – 2 slots open

We have recently added a new Vävstuga Basics class to the schedule for May 23–27, and have two slots left. Contact us right away if you want to jump in.

New in our store: 2 books, 2 Vävstuga-designed tools

Moekad Muhu Siilikud (Fashionable Muhu Skirts)

This luscious book in full-color (and fully in the Estonian language) is truly candy for the eyes. There are several detailed patterns and photographed close-ups of beautiful wool skirts made in the folk tradition. Muhu is an island off the west coast of Estonia, and has extremely distinctive folk costumes, arguably some of the very most beautiful in the country.

In our store: Moekad Muhu Siilikud (Fashionable Muhu Skirts), by Veinika Västrik and Margot Marks »

Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques

This is an incredibly large and thorough collection of traditional knitting techniques from Estonia, and it’s in the English language.

In our store: Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques, by Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, and Kristi Jõeste »

Vävstuga treadle lock

This is a very important tool for anyone who needs to hold a plain weave shed open for a long time to do various pick-up techniques, such as described in detail in Heirlooms of Skåne: Weaving Techniques, or in the rag rugs pictured here. We offer Rag rug Warps to Go for your convenience and savings: you get 3 colors in a rug warp without buying all 3 tubes of yarn.

In our store: Vävstuga treadle lock »

Vävstuga treadle lock, in our store
Rag rug Warps to Go
Rag rug Warps to Go, in our store

Vävstuga magic mill cutter

This is a real time-saver! Many of you who are taking Becky’s Vävstuga Basics Video Class have asked about this tool, which Becky uses while winding a warp on the Vävstuga warping mill to cut the threads at a color change.

In our store: Vävstuga magic mill cutter »

Weavers’ fellowship and skill-share

Through the support of Fabric of Life, we were able to bring four weavers together for a weekend of camaraderie, classroom activities, and weaving experience. This was followed by a skill-share week, which welcomed Melvenea Hodges, from last year’s Väv Immersion class, to work with Becky’s mentorship on a project inspired to encourage new weavers of any age, geared especially towards teens. In that one week, participants designed a loom and made instructional video footage. Stay tuned to learn more about this wonderfully simple and affordable loom that will take you through many weaving traditions around the world.

weavers' fellowship weekend
weavers’ fellowship weekend
skill-share week with Melvenea
skill-share week with Melvenea

The wonderful story of Becky’s fly shuttle loom

Watch Becky weaving on her 220 cm fly shuttle loom for 4 minutes.

Becky says: This loom was originally owned by Swedish Countess Ebba Von Eckermann, prominent fashion designer and handweaver of the mid-1900s. I am fortunate to have acquired this loom through a friend, Kin Cullen. Kin and her daughter Louise knew Ebba in the 1980s, and stored this loom in their barn nearby in case Ebba needed a loom here in the US. Kin and Louise went to the same weaving school in Sweden that I went to, and in fact Kin encouraged me to go there, and we all owe her a lot of gratitude for the existence of Vävstuga. I am hopeful to reconnect with Ebba and her grandson to show her this video.

Links for fun

March 2022

Video exhibit – Becky’s recent weavings

I am about 9 months behind on presenting my “annual” video exhibit of weavings done within the last year. This means it’s closer to 18 months or more of my weaving that I have managed to squeeze into corners of time here and there while keeping everything else going. There are some fun things in this go-around, so I hope you enjoy the show.

Rag rug Warps-to-Go

Would you like the convenience of purchasing a warp for rag rugs made from our stellar quality 12/6 Swedish cotton rug warp? When woven under tight tension and with a hard beat, your rug will not buckle or ripple, but always lie flat and firm on the floor. Go for a simple natural warp, choose from our equestrian line (these samples and more), or invent your own colorway. So much opportunity for design, and making good use of cast-off clothing and other textile goods.

Väv Immersion final application deadline

Final applications for our 8-week intensive Väv Immersion 2022 are due March 14. This in-depth program reinforces the historic lineage of Scandinavian hand weaving through a range of educational opportunities including: personalized instruction with master weavers, hands-on production of numerous textile projects, attendance at intimately-sized classes that focus on an extensive array of skills, and connection to Immersion alumni from past years to build out your network and for learning how to move into this field as a professional.

Melvenea in Väv Immersion 2021
Melvenea in Väv Immersion 2021
Väv Immersion 2022 - details and application
Väv Immersion 2022 – details and application

Cute new cabin

We are eager to share with you photos of our newest member of our village, “The Bear Den,” which has just arrived recently. The delivery guy was pleased to be rewarded with cookies after his adventure on the roof to install the cupola.

If any of you still need to figure out lodging (or want to switch) and think this adorable little abode looks appealing, please contact us to reserve your space. (It’s still so new that it’s not listed in our lodging options document yet — it will be getting a new floor next week!) It will be double-occupancy.

cabin unloading
the new cabin arrives
installing the weathervane
installing the weathervane

sunny location
sunny location

friendly neighborhood
friendly neighborhood

In the mood to travel?

A relative of ours highly recommends this Oaxaca Textile Adventure Tour.

February 2022

It has been a busy month of emptying looms from the 2021 season, as well as working on a book translation. We’re also polishing up our next video class, Vävstuga Bandloom, to be published this spring.

Lithuanian linen book is back

We’re pleased to have the popular book A Flaxen Past back in stock. This beautiful book covers an unusually broad scope of topics relative to the intensely rich heritage of Lithuanian weaving. Meet numerous Lithuanian individuals who have carried on the weaving tradition from centuries past, and examine extensive details of the textiles they create for their pattern-rich national costumes. Delve into a treasure trove of rescued old photographs from the early 1900s showing all processes of turning flax into fabric. The back section of the book includes charted weaving designs, as well as detailed instructions for growing, processing, and weaving with your own flax.

Reflections from a Flaxen Past
Reflections from a Flaxen Past
A few of the beautiful opphämta patterns in this book
A few of the beautiful opphämta patterns in this book

February book sale, 20% off Vävstuga Press titles

For the remainder of the month of February (from Feb 4–28), all our Vävstuga Press books are 20% off. Becky founded the Vävstuga Press as a way to provide access to rare and out-of-print Swedish weaving books, and to create English translations of books currently only available in Swedish.

Vävstuga Press titles
Vävstuga Press titles

Väv Immersion early-application deadline

Early applications for our 8-week intensive Väv Immersion 2022 are due February 14. This in-depth program reinforces the historic lineage of Scandinavian hand weaving through a range of educational opportunities including: personalized instruction with master weavers, hands-on production of numerous textile projects, attendance at intimately-sized classes that focus on an extensive array of skills, and connection to Immersion alumni from past years to build out your network and for learning how to move into this field as a professional.

blog about Väv Immersion 2021 (pic by Melvenea Hodges)
Melvenea’s blog about Väv Immersion 2021
Väv Immersion 2022 - details and application
Väv Immersion 2022 – details and application

Basics Video Class glowing reviews

We’ve received some heartwarming testimonials about our new Vävstuga Basics class video series. Here are a few tiny snippets:

  • “When I left your in-person class earlier this fall, I told you that there was no way the video could be as good as an in-person class. Well, I was wrong! …”
  • “…Even though I was trained on jack looms, and continue to work on them, learning from Becky exponentially deepened my understanding of all weaving …”
  • “…As a real beginner, I’ve found the additional reinforcement crucial to keeping me weaving when I’m not sure what to do. Becky is an amazing teacher, and her language and style are consistent between in-person and virtual classrooms, which I find incredibly helpful. …”
  • Read more testimonials »

We appreciate your business

As we are still a little short-staffed and our supply chain affected due to Covid-19, it may take a bit longer than our promised 2–3 days to get your orders out. We ask for your patience and are grateful for your loyalty. Thank you all!


We’ve been enjoying some lovely winter weather around the Farmhouse.

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