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  • September 2021

    Things have finally been bustling here at Vävstuga, and classes are going full steam ahead now at the tail end of summer. We’ve just had a wonderful group of five Väv Immersion students here for 8 weeks, and our simultaneous Vävstuga classes have made for a great mix of camaraderie in the Barn.

    Väv Immersion cohort 2021

    Väv Immersion cohort 2021

    Basics in the Barn

    Vävstuga Basics in the Barn

    Available classes

    These classes will fill quickly, so contact us right away if you are interested.

    New class dates for Basics

    Come join us for a week! We have redesigned our Basics class to be an intimate group of 4 students. As in a one-room schoolhouse, there may be other students engaged in their own projects, enriching the experience for all.

    • Sept 13–17 (2 open slots)
    • Sept 27 – Oct 1 (1 open slot)

    Weave a Project

    We are still waiting to update our Project pages as we settle into our new routines in our new location, but for now take a look at Vävstuga Favorites or Farmhouse Projects for plentiful choices. With our Basics class happening simultaneously, this is a great way for Vävstuga alumni to bring a friend and initiate them to Vävstuga.

    • Sept 13–17 (2 open slots)
    • Sept 20–24 (2 open slots)
    • Sept 27 – Oct 1 (3 open slots)

    Basket Weaving

    One-day basketry workshop with Wendy Jensen. This popular class is back in our open air Barn this Fall and we still have some slots left, so join in the fun for this special day with Wendy.

    • Saturday October 2

    Monster Parti

    We have just one slot left in this popular advanced level weaving class, in which we unveil the mysteries of profile drafting. It is chock-full of projects that will help you understand what a profile draft is, and how to manipulate it to your liking.

    • Nov 8–12 (1 open slot)
    • Nov 15–19 (1 open slot)

    Warps-to-Go September special

    15% OFF selected Warps-to-Go products from September 10–17:

    Table sets to go - Autumn banquet

    Table sets to go – Autumn banquet

    Cobblestone placemats by Lisa Hill

    Recent class activity

    meal in the Farmhouse

    immersion puddle

    towel warp puddle

    Bands on the lawn

    Donna’s amazing shaft drawloom and single unit combination tablecloth

    band detail

    Jane’s lovely damask runner on 10 pattern shafts in 6 shaft satin

    July News

    It feels wonderful to have classes happening at the farm! We look forward to welcoming more of you this year and in the future!

    Please note that we have not taken the time to update our class dates on our website. We have been busy rescheduling students who were cancelled last year and filling in a few spaces here and there with new folks on our wait lists, as well as welcoming students to classes in June!

    We expect our website to be updated with 2022 classes and this will be announced some time this fall, as we usually do. For any questions about classes and dates for the rest of this year, please email us at office@vavstuga.com.

    Class availability

    Drawloom Treasures

    We still have the Lithuanian Opphämta tablecloth available for our students who have already taken a drawloom class with us.  There is 1 space in each of these weeks:

    • August 17-20
    • October 19-22

    We have 5 spaces left for Farmhouse Projects and Vävstuga Favorites projects September 21-24

    If you can’t get into one of our classes, and you want to join in the fun of our reopening, consider selecting one of our individual projects from either the Farmhouse Projects list or the Vävstuga Favorites list. Some of these projects have the Vävstuga Basics class as a prerequisite, but there are a number that are open to all. As our plans have been in flux, we have not yet updated the dates on our website, but any of the projects you’ll find on those class pages are available. If you would like us to set up the loom ahead of time for you (set up fees apply), just ask us if we will have time to have your loom ready for any of these available dates:

    We have the following spaces available in these fall classes:

    Please note that the links above are for the class descriptions, but the dates for 2021 are as listed here in the newsletter. If you are interested in any of the above classes please feel free to let us know by emailing office@vavstuga.com.

    New Book!

    A new book by authors Åsa Pärson & Amica Sundström,  Weaving Handbook: The Art and the Craft: Theories, Materials, Techniques, and Projects, provides a practical reference book for weavers of all skill levels.
    The sample projects range from the elegantly simple to the increasingly complex, and cover a wide range of weaving techniques. In addition, details of the principles behind the arrangement and preparation of the loom, weaving tools, and different fibers and fabrics provide even more detail.




    As Vävstuga welcomes in a new era and location, we are also sadly experiencing some staff transitions.

    Thank you Bettie

    After 7 years of top-quality dedicated service to Vävstuga, Bettie Zakon-Anderson has made the difficult decision to move on to other pursuits. We will all miss her pleasant presence in the office and on the phone, as well as her unmatched ability to keep everything organized and running more smoothly than a Swiss watch.

    We are currently engaged in the task of finding someone to replace Bettie in the Vävstuga office who is experienced with keeping finances organized in QuickBooks as well as versed in social media. Do let us know if you have any leads.

    We extend an enormous thank you to you, Bettie, for all these years of impeccable service to students as well as to the rest of our team.

    Bettie adds, “Thank you, Becky, for the opportunity to be a part of Vävstuga and to share the wonderful experience of getting to know so many fellow weavers over these years! I will miss all of you!”

    Thank you Kim

    Kim Sebrey has also recently made a difficult choice to leave us. She has found another job at Mocha Maya’s in the village of Shelburne Falls doing more full-time work than Vävstuga classes are able to offer. We wish you well Kim in your new situation and will miss your dedicated (and delicious) work in the kitchen and beyond.


    June News

    It has been a busy Spring getting the Farmhouse and grounds ready for action and now with great jubilation we are finally ready to invite you all back.

    Classes resuming!

    At long last we can offer the good news that Vävstuga classes will be resuming as of June 14th. As our plans have been in flux, we have not yet updated our website to reflect all the weaving options or class dates at our Farmhouse location. Please see below for available dates and contact us by email only at office@vavstuga.com.

    Covid considerations

    Massachusetts has recently repealed the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. Those who have not been vaccinated are asked to wear a mask when they are unable to social distance. Vävstuga’s guidelines are the same for both staff and students, and although we will not be asking anyone about their vaccine status, we trust that everyone will proceed according to our guidelines.

    New class formats

    Still in process and details are not yet on our website

    We have taken this opportunity to slightly redesign our classes, often running 2-3 programs simultaneously. Each class type will have a maximum of 4 students, each of whom will have their own loom to focus on. There will be extra projects for each group set up in advance and ready to weave on. We are excited about this new approach with smaller groups which will make more intimate classroom sessions, but will also allow students to see what other classes are doing.

    Class locations

    Barn – Tent – House

    As the pandemic thankfully recedes, we are still offering plenty of distancing and lots of fresh air. We have added a 20’x30′ event style tent next to the Barn Studio, and most class activities will take place in both of these locations for much of the summer. We will be asking students to bring a mixture of clothing and other supplies geared towards New England summer outdoors. Some Farmhouse Projects and Drawloom classes are still inside the Farmhouse Studios.

    Class availability

    We are continuing to work on registering students who were cancelled last year due to covid and rolled their deposits forward for “first dibs” in 2021. Our current openings beyond these commitments will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis by contacting us by email at office@vavstuga.com.  These spaces are currently available:

    Vävstuga Basics

    • 1 spot each in June 14-18 and July 26-30
    • 2 spots in each: June 21-25 and Aug 2-6

    Swedish Classics-(Basics class prerequisite)

    • 4 spots in June 14-18
    • 1 spot in June 28-July 2

    Drawloom ABC

    • June 22-25
      • 1 spot for a Shaft Drawloom or an Opphämta on the Shaft Drawloom project
    • August 17-20
      • 1 spot for a Single Unit project

    Drawloom Treasures

    We still have two of our large drawlooms set up and available for our students who have already taken a drawloom class with us.  Available dates for these treasures are:

    • June 22-25
      • 1 spot for the Damask tablecloth with combination shaft draw and single unit
      • 1 spot for the Lithuanian Opphämta tablecloth (Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts) with Monksbelt
    • August 17-20
      • 1 spot for the Damask tablecloth with combination shaft draw and single unit
      • 1 spot for the Lithuanian Opphämta tablecloth (Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts) with Monksbelt
    • October 19-22
      • 1 spot for the Lithuanian Opphämta tablecloth (Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts) with Monksbelt

    Plenty of Farmhouse Projects and Vävstuga Favorites opportunities are available

    If you can’t get into one of our classes, and you want to join in the fun of our reopening, consider selecting one of our individual projects from either the Farmhouse Projects list or the Vävstuga Favorites list. Some of these projects have the Vävstuga Basics class as a prerequisite, but there are a number that are open to all. As our plans have been in flux, we have not yet updated the dates on our website, but any of the projects you’ll find on those class pages are available. If you would like us to set up the loom ahead of time for you (set up fees apply), just ask us if we will have time to have your loom ready for any of these available dates:

    • 2 spots June 15-18
    • 1 spot June 22-25
    • 2 spots June 29-July 2
    • 8 spots September 21-24

    Fall class announcements coming soon

    Openings in other classes, happening later in the fall, will be posted after we finish contacting students rolled forward for these from 2020. These include:

    • August 23-27 Vävstuga Bandloom class
    • September 13-17 Linens class (has Basics as a prerequisite)
    • PENDING Monica Hallen’s ability to travel from Sweden: Possible dates include October 11-15 for Open Rep with Rags and October 25-29 for Rag Rug Techniques
    • November 8-12 and November 15-19 Mönster Parti and Designing Awesome Warps

    If you are interested in any of the above classes please feel free to let us know by emailing office@vavstuga.com. We hope we will be able to welcome as many of you as possible to Vävstuga this year!

    New Krokbragd Patterns book

    We are happy to offer Debby Greenlaw’s newest book Krokbragd Patterns!

    This sequel to her popular book Krokbragd: How to Design & Weave focuses on an extensive collection of individual motifs and borders that are possible with this beautiful Scandinavian weaving technique.

    Project details and inspiration from several weavers make this a great addition to your weaving library.





    May 2021

    Hello weaving friends,

    Happy Spring! It looks like we are on track for June classes, with just a few more details to nail down in the next few weeks. As soon as we have connected those last dots, we will reach out to our registered students from last year to confirm their interest and dates. We will then be able to open available spots to others. We understand that things are still changing day-to-day, for all of you and for us, and we promise to keep you informed. Hopefully our June newsletter will have concrete news about classes.

    Annual Spring Online Yarn Sale

    Yarn delivery on the farm!

    Our online yarn sale has started and will continue for a couple more days, until May 8th at 11:59pm.  Thank you to all of you who have already ordered! We appreciate your business very much!

    As a reminder, the sale is for 20% off in-stock yarns and for online orders only. These will be processed in the order in which they are received.

    We are always happy when yarn boxes arrive from Sweden! Tonya uses the “Bunny” to bring the yarn up to the store to load in.

    Becky’s father, with his sense of humor, named the bright yellow ATV “Bunny Banana” when he first got it years ago. Over time the name shortened to “Bunny”.


    Yarn price increase

    Our yarn vendors in Sweden have increased their prices this year so we will need to increase our prices effective June 1st. We wanted to let you know so that you can shop during the last few days of our online yarn sale this week and stock up for summer weaving this month before the prices change!

    Väv Immersion

    8 week residential weaving intensive with Becky, offered through Fabric of Life, July 12-September 3, 2021.

    Details and Brochure are available at these links. They are still accepting applications! If you have questions, you can email office@fabric-of-life.org.


    Vävstuga Band Loom Attachments

    We’ve already introduced you to the Vävstuga Band Loom.

    We’re excited to now have two attachments to offer on our web store. Also, please watch the Band Weaving Videos at the links below for demonstrations.

    Pattern Spreader for Vävstuga Band Loom

    The Vävstuga Bandloom Pattern Spreader, developed out of many years of band weaving experience, is the perfect tool for weaving intricate patterned bands with accuracy and ease.

    Lease Stick Holder for Vävstuga Band Loom

    We highly recommend that you also purchase our Lease Stick Holder for the band loom to use in conjunction with our Pattern Spreader tool.

    Vävstuga Band Loom Videos

    Short intro to Pattern Spreader

    Demonstration of Pattern Spreader (silent video)

    15 minute Show & Tell of patterned bands and weaving demonstrations


    New Finnish Tablet Weaving book

    We are delighted to have just received this new book from Finland:  Tablet-Woven Treasures – Archaeological Bands from the Finnish Iron Age.

    This book offers 56 band designs, from tiny finishing bands to spectacular belt bands, all based on tablet-woven treasures buried in the ground a thousand years ago. It includes illustrations of the original archaeological finds and details on a completely new tablet-weaving technique based on the thorough research by the authors.



    Mosaik Warps-to-Go by Lisa Hill

    Lisa and Becky have prepared 16 new and exciting colorways for Lisa’s stunning 8-shaft Mosaik towels in deflected double weave. Shown below are just a few of the many colorways to choose from, or you can pick your own colors to use in Lisa’s design.

    Not to be missed on the Mosaik towels pages is a great video of Lisa demonstrating a deflected double weave selvedge technique. Scroll down to the bottom of any of these warp-to-go pages to watch it.



    April 2021

    Hello weaving friends,

    Can you believe it is April already?! The daffodils are coming up and we will be assembling our 20’x30′ classroom tent soon.  We are using this time to continue some needed renovations at our Farmhouse facility, as we still wait for our final licensing in order to let you all know when we can open our doors. One thing we do know is that each day is bringing us closer to that eagerly anticipated moment of welcoming our students to classes.

    Meanwhile, check out our exciting offerings for this month.

    New Rep Warps to Go

    Our new rep rugs, place mats and runners are “Out of this World“!  See the 15 beautiful colorways Becky has created for our Rep planets warps to go.

    Becky adapted this classic design for a rep class many years ago and has woven it in several colors and sizes over the years. Now you too can enjoy the satisfaction of making these stunning rugs, runners and place mats. No need to worry about the math, simply choose a colorway and let us do the rest. Of course, if you’d like to customize these colors a little bit, please request our PDF to make the process easy for both of us.

    Here are 5 of the 15 Rep planet colorways that you will find among our ever-growing Warps to Go options.

    24/2 Dyed Cotton limited supply discount

    The dyed Borgs 24/2 cotton yarn has currently gone out of production and we are happy to offer our remaining stock at a 25% discount while it lasts – first-come first-served. These are the 8 colors we have remaining with from 3 – to – 10 tubes of each available at press time. Please order online so discount gets automatically applied.

    Weaving Tips Video

    Our beautiful Table Sets Warps to Go are available in 15 colorways or you may choose your own colors to complement your home decor or a special set of plates.

    Weaving plaids takes a bit of know how to get them square  and involves a number of color changes. Becky has added a short video at the bottom of the page for each of the Table sets colorways so you can see how she measures for square and also a simple splice for all those color changes. We hope this inspires you to weave a colorful Table Set of your own.


    Annual Spring Online Yarn Sale

    with gratitude for your business and friendship!

    It’s time to plan your Spring and Summer weaving at our May Day online sale! 

    This year our spring yarn sale will begin on May Day, Saturday, May 1st and will be extended to 8 days.

    We still recommend you shop early as it is first-come first-served on our beautiful yarns. (As always, our sale does not include our Yarn-in-a-jar or Warp-to-go products).

    20% off in-stock yarn orders placed online at store.vavstuga.com

    Sale begins on Saturday, May 1st at 12:01am and ends on Sunday, May 8th at 11:59pm.

    Sale is on in-stock yarns only and orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.


    Salmon Falls Showroom – Nordic Journey – 3 more weeks

    The Vävstuga band loom has now been added to this display in case you are local and curious. Becky and her husband Leni still have their joint show up at Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom in Shelburne Falls for the first 3 weeks of April. There is plenty of weaving on display, as well as seven of Leni’s amazing photographs from their adventure to the Faroe Islands two years ago. We encourage any of you who are local enough to come and check it out to certainly do so.

    For your watching pleasure




    March 2021

    Hello Weaving Friends,

    Spring is just around the corner! As we watch the snow melting outside our windows we are imagining filling our studios with students once again. For now, we are looking forward to a gradual return to normalcy. As some events for 2021 continue to be cancelled, this may actually open up some weeks for us to welcome students here. We are still working on our schedule, as it needs to remain tentative, but we have a few programs to share with you here.

    3-week Mini Immersion Program

    Fingers crossed, we will hold our 3-week Mini Immersion this May 17-June 4. To enable good air flow and social distancing, the program will take place in our Barn Studio with its large barn doors open and, occasionally, in an outdoor event tent. Becky was able to offer several classes in these spaces last summer and early fall with great success.

    We have openings available in this program. Let us know if you have an interest in attending and we will keep in touch with everyone as our Governor’s travel restrictions evolve over the next few months.


    Väv Immersion 2021 – seeking applications

    We are eager to let you know that we will be offering an 8-week version of our Väv Immersion residential intensive weaving program from July 12-September 3 co-sponsored by Fabric of Life.

    The application is available on the Fabric of Life website. There are various scholarships available this time around, so feel free to spread the word to anyone who might be interested in this kind of program.


    New Warps-to-Go

    Deflected Double Weave Towels by Lisa Hill

    We are honored to collaborate with Lisa Hill to offer these stunning towels in an intriguing 8 shaft weave structure. Lisa has done American weavers a great service in popularizing and fine-tuning this lovely structure. The magic happens in the washing, when the straight lines become those beautiful curves.


    Coverlet Bands – more colorways

    Who says you need to design the coverlet first? Choose one of our 17 lovely band colorways, or choose your own colors based on Becky’s Stjerne coverlet band design, then plan the colors for your coverlet to go with it! Purchase the band warp all ready to beam onto your floor loom at home. Here are just a few of the colorways to tempt you:

    Curtains in Mygtjäll

    Becky first wove these Mygtjäll curtains as an extra project towards the end of her five month weaving class in Sweden in 1981. With its lacy structure and uneven denting, the pleasing look of this lightweight, somewhat transparent curtain makes it one of our most popular in the studio windows.

    With a somewhat loose warp tension, putting your foot up from the treadle as you swing the beater forward, and leaving plenty of slack thread from the shuttle, you may not need to use a temple to achieve beautiful selvedges.


    Salmon Falls Showroom – Nordic Journey

    Becky and her husband Leni are excited to let you know that they have a joint show entitled “Nordic Journey” at Salmon Falls Artisan Showroom in Shelburne Falls during the months of March and April. There is plenty of weaving on display, as well as seven of Leni’s amazing photographs from their adventure to the Faroe Islands two years ago. We encourage any of you who are local enough to come and check it out to certainly do so.

    Becky’s Band Weaving Ski Retreat

    Speaking of Becky and Leni, they had a wonderful break from work cross-country skiing. Becky also spent time experimenting with the Vävstuga Band Loom and found great satisfaction in weaving a band out of the Leksandsband 1 book using our recently developed pattern spreader. We expect this attachment to be available in our store by the month of April, after we finish our current production run.

    Online “Vävstuga Textiles – A Nordic Journey” March 18

    Join Becky on Thursday, March 18 from 7-8:30 pm EST as she shares her “Nordic Journey” presentation to benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England. A link to join the zoom meeting will be published on their website before her workshop.

    Becky’s expertise in the rich and varied textile traditions of Sweden and beyond is well known. The online workshop will present a multitude of these structures and provide a look inside of the Vävstuga studios. Becky is also well known as a musician in a variety of folk music traditions from Swedish to Balkan to Cape Breton and through this online workshop she hopes to support the Folk Arts Center of New England during this time of social distancing and cancelled events.

    For your watching pleasure

    Art of Serpanka weaving – A wonderful Ukrainian flax and linen weaving video

    The Ju/’hoansi San women – A tree without roots will not have life

    We FELT like sharing these lovelies with you by Ukraine-based designer Hanna Dovhan

    January/February 2021 News

    Happy New Year!

    January found us nicely settling in to our Bassett Road location. There has been a lot of cleaning and organizing and finding new homes for lots of things.

    In a blink it is suddenly February, so this will be a combined newsletter including new books, videos, and web store pages.


    From the spacious Barn Studio in the warmer months,

    to new classroom spaces in the Farm House,

    we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share this special place with students as soon as it is safe to do so.

    The store at the Farm House is also open for online orders and visits by appointment.


    2021 Classes

    We are very close to confirming a class schedule for 2021. Becky has been reaching out to students who had rolled their deposits forward from 2020’s cancelled classes. Once they have chosen their preferred class times, we will let you know what is available for new class enrollments. We hope to be able to do that soon.

    Book Back in Stock

    We are delighted to announce that a revised edition of Kati Reeder Meek’s book, Warp with a Trapeze & Dance With Your Loom, is now in print and available through Vävstuga.

    Kati’s in-depth presentation of the warping trapeze and its many variations will meticulously guide every loom owner to success. These techniques can be applied to any loom.

    Kati has added a new chapter to this newly released edition entitled “A Revolution in Lacing-on”.

    Vävstuga’s own Trapeze Uprights, Cross Bars, and Trapping set will provide you with the tools you need to beam on your warp with even tension all by yourself.

    Weaving Damask Book

    Anne E. Nygård‘s beautiful book, Damaskvev has been translated into English and we are pleased to have Weaving Damask on our store shelves for you now.

    This is a textbook on the setting up and weaving of damask with a drawloom, and is the first Norwegian textbook published on this topic since 1849.

    All steps in the process of set-up are explained in words and pictures: beaming, threading, sleying, tying up the pattern shafts, and how to weave. The book also shows the setting up of single unit and how it can be used in combination with the shaft draw system. This encyclopedia of inspiration includes an introduction to drawing your own patterns, plus many patterns ready to go using 10–75 shafts.



    DVDs and Live Stream Videos

    We have some very exciting news to share!

    Becky has completed the production of two live stream videos for her DVDs Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way and Dress Your Swedish Drawloom.

    The content can still be purchased in the DVD format, for those that prefer it that way.

    You may also purchase the live stream version on our web store or directly on Vimeo.



    New Web Store Page

    Our web store has a fun new page for all the Notions that we stock. Having the right quality tools for the job at hand can make all the difference. Check out our carefully chosen collection, including the favorites below, as well as flower head pins, folding magnifiers, and more.

    Plattväv Coverlet – 2 panel

    Want to weave a coverlet on a smaller loom? We now have our tantalizing Plattväv coverlet – 2 panel available as a Warp-to-Go.

    Seeking Warps-to-Go photos

    Any of you who have woven our various Warps-to-Go, and have pictures you would like to share with us, we would love to see them. Many of these projects have only been viewed in two-dimensional form on the website. Seeing three-dimensional pieces of these designs would be inspirational to us, as well as to others. You can send your photos to the office email and let us know if we can share them on FaceBook, too.

    For your Winter enjoyment

    We have a few projects still in the works right now that we hope to share with you soon. Until then, we have a larger than usual list of fun links for you to explore, including a 10-year-old YouTube video that Becky just rediscovered of a concert she was part of in southern Vermont (non-weaving related but just for fun).

    Lily Hope Tlingit weaver

    Lotus silk weaving

    Fiber Instruction in the 1930s

    Norwegian bandweaving 1939

    Becky on Santouri


    December News

    Happy December and Happy Holidays to all!

    We hope that all of our wishes for a healthy and happy New Year come true!

    We will be closing for the year on Wednesday, December 16th and reopening on Monday, January 4, 2021.

    Our Store has Moved!

    Our big news this month is that our inventory has now moved into our new store (what was once the Flax House for those of you who have visited us here).

    Becky made multiple trips with her van this week and Tonya was busy putting the yarns and books on shelves, in addition to filling orders as usual.

    There is more work to do, but it’s looking and feeling pretty cozy and busy. We look forward to having many of you here in person as soon as the time is right.

    As a matter of interest, this little building that has been our Flax House in recent years was also Becky’s place of residence in her 20s.

    Located just behind her parents’ farmhouse and heated by an old wood stove, Becky began her illustrious career in this cozy space.

    This photograph of her weaving on her loom in this building was taken in the early 80s.

    Future attractions:

    Online Instruction

    Becky has been making progress on her Basics class video. Most of the footage is done, as well as much of the first round of editing. There are bound to be several more rounds (as anyone who has gone through this process knows). This will be valuable to any new weavers, but also of interest to those who have already taken our Basics class in the past as it will provide a wonderful review. We are hoping to have some of our initial content available on the web store by January.

    Other online videos will include Becky’s older videos “Dressing Your Loom the Swedish Way” and “Dressing Your Swedish Drawloom”. It feels good to finally be making progress on this front, as we know many of you do not have DVD players anymore. Becky remembers in her early 30s how exciting it was to have these videos available on VHS.

    Weaving Retreats

    We had hoped to offer some Winter and Spring Weaving Retreats here at the Farmhouse, but we really need to see how everything is proceeding in the upcoming months. If you would be interested in this opportunity, feel free to write to us so we can reach out to you when we know more. We will only make this opportunity available if we can guarantee safety for everybody.

    Staff News

    As the pandemic has carried on longer than any of us had hoped or expected, some of our staff have needed to take on new pursuits.

    Tonya continues to be your main point of contact at the store and via email and phone. You can reach her more directly by using the orders@vavstuga.com email, although she will be checking the office email, as well.

    Tonya writes: “Praying this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying your weaving endeavors. The past few months I have been helping Becky pack up and move the store to the farm location. I am now settling into Vävstuga’s new store here on the farm property (old flax house) and cannot wait to have store visitors! Merry Christmas!”

    Bettie writes: “With reduced hours due to the pandemic, I have taken a new position as a Contact Tracer with the MA Community Tracing Collaborative led by Partners in Health. I bring my professional background in public health research to this work and I hope to make a contribution to slowing the spread of Covid-19 in the state. I will continue to work a few hours each week managing the financial side of Vävstuga for the time being, as well as continuing to work as a Technical Editor for Handwoven magazine and WEBS. Suddenly, it will be a very busy time after a rather quiet fall! I have so missed seeing and talking/emailing with all of you in our weaving community and look forward to reconnecting in the new year as the pandemic gets under control. I hope all of you and your loved ones stay safe and well and have a carefully wonderful holiday season!”

    Kim writes: “Since this pandemic started.. its been a bit crazy.. all the ups and downs and all arounds. I have been biding my time waiting to get back to cooking at Vävstuga. I have missed my work family and look forward to seeing everyone soon. I hope by springtime things will have calmed down and we all can get back to some sense of normal. During this time so many of us are reflecting on what’s truly important. Making changes to our lives to keep afloat.. etc. even I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone a bit. My silver lining is that I have been painting more frequently and even hope to sell on a regular basis out of my studio. Time will tell if I can pull it off, and I am grateful for that time and am trying to make the best use of it. I hope everyone has found a silver lining in all of this craziness and I wish you all a happy holiday season! Warmly, Kim”

    Katie writes: “I am thankful to be able to continue my Free Ramblin’ Kids work in a great studio I started renting at the beginning of the year. Although my typical craft fair season was all but cancelled, a handful of small makers markets and local shops have offered some much appreciated normalcy. Also, after many years of dreaming and scheming, I am excited to be taking steps to build a tiny house on wheels in Summer 2021, with the help of Yestermorrow Design/Build School.”


    November News

    Upcoming transitions

    November is finding us as busy as bees preparing our new space and processing final store orders before moving our inventory to its new location at the farm house after the Thanksgiving holiday.

    We will be closing at 3pm on Wednesday, November 25th for the holiday weekend and will remain closed for several days during the first week of December to do our annual physical inventory and move.

    We will do our best to accept last minute orders in early December, but encourage you to shop before then, if possible. More information will be in our December Newsletter.

    We hope you are as excited about some of our new offerings this month as we are.

    Vävstuga Warping Mill

    The best choice for small studios and good ergonomics.

    Our stylish and sturdy Vävstuga 2m Warp Mill is 73″ tall x 28″ wide, easily allowing you to wind warps up to 12 meters long or even 20 meters if your yarn is fine and your warp narrow.

    Also available for purchase is an Extra Lease Bar for those wishing to wind a warp with two crosses.

    The heavy base is equipped with rubber feet which grip and protect your floor. We have chosen to use hard yellow pine grown in the southeastern United States for its beauty and durability.


    Two New Warps-to-Go

    Rep Placemats & Runners

    Vintage design from Becky’s production past

    These are placemats from the ’80s and ’90s that Becky sold during her production years. These warps were always 30 m long which produced a short runner, medium runner, and long runner, as well as around 30 placemats. Some of these colorways were produced several times, especially the one in naturals which she remembers being quite popular with customers.

    This was the jumping off point for the design we are debuting this month. It is now our pleasure to bring this design back into circulation as our new Rep Placemats & Runner Warp-to-Go for you to weave at home. Check out all the color choices available or choose your own. These will make wonderful holiday gifts!

    Plattväv Coverlet

    An impressive yet accessible project with just 4 shafts & 4 treadles

    This Plattväv Coverlet (a monksbelt variation) has been a favorite in our classes. We have adapted it from a traditional bed curtain woven it Ytterboda, in Dalarna Sweden.

    Kringbyggd gård i den norra delen av Överboda. Byggnadsbeståndet är fortfarande välbevarat med en framträdande parstuga i två våningar som manbyggnad.

    A farm in Ytterboda och Överboda, Sweden

    Tonya wove one for a customer in their color choices and they added a sheepskin backing from Leprechaun Sheepskin Company.  Bettie wove two to hang as doorway curtains between her studio and office and her son’s bedroom. He chose the light grey colorway. It is great fun to play with pattern and color in this structure.

    Now you can order the new Plattväv Coverlet Warp-to-Go and weave a cozy addition for your home or as a beautiful gift to a lucky recipient.

    Choose your own colors and a warp length of 3m, 6m, or 9m.

    See directions on each of the warp-to-go pages on our web store for how to choose your own colors and let us know by email at orders@vavstuga.com when you place your order.



    Books back in stock

    Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves by Anne Dixon

    While the book has been available, we’ve been out of stock. We are happy to have this back on our shelves if you’ve been thinking about it.


    Drawloom Weaving by Joanne Hall

    This book has recently been updated with 16 new pages.



    Another gem from the internet

    Unbelievable Russian velvet

    The challenges of the Kremlin velvet

    October 2020

    Happy Fall Banner With Autumn Leaf Border Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 83719799.


    Happy Fall Yarn Sale!

    We have moved our annual Thanksgiving Yarn Sale earlier to prepare for consolidating our studios at the Farm House before the snow flies.

    20% off yarn orders placed online with gratitude for your business and friendship!

    Sale begins on Monday, October 12th at 12:01am (just after midnight on Sunday) and ends on Sunday, October 18th at 11:59pm.

    (sale includes in-stock yarns ordered online only)

    Place your orders at https://store.vavstuga.com/

    Please note – We will be closed for the Monday, October 12th holiday. Order processing will begin on Tuesday, October 13th with orders placed on Monday and will continue in the order they are received throughout the week.

    Thank you for your patience as orders will be processed with reduced staffing due to Covid precautions.

    For your future planning, the store will remain open at Water Street until Thanksgiving 2020 and will re-open at the Farmhouse in 2021.


    Vävstuga Tote Bag

    Our Vävstuga Tote Bag, is now available on our web store. Woven of jute, it is large and stands on its own.

    A handy and eco-friendly bag to use for running errands, it will also let others know about your weaving passion and your fondness for Vävstuga.

    The bag is 16″ wide x 13.5″ tall. It opens to about 8″ deep, with a 6.5″ high handle.


    Linen Weavers

    We had several ambitious linen weavers join us in September and we share with you some of their beautiful projects along with our grand display of Becky’s handwoven linens.

    2021 Class Schedule

    Having had our final class for 2020 two weeks ago, we have been busy continuing our move out of the Water Street studio and into the Farmhouse on Bassett Road.

    We usually publish our annual class schedule with our October Newsletter. However, times are just too uncertain right now to issue any promises about what next year can look like, especially with class dates.

    We are working on a tentative schedule, including additional ventilated classroom space for the warmer months. We just need to wait until the time comes closer to see what Massachusetts and other states will allow. We remain hopeful as we prioritize the safety of all our students and staff.

    We will let you know when the 2021 class schedule is ready with this monthly Newsletter.

    Interesting videos for your viewing pleasure

    If you are unable to open them from the links below, please copy and paste the url into your browser.

    An amazing Hungarian lace maker


    Mural lace in France


    Wabanaki art of basket making