Drawloom Treasures

Instructor: Becky Ashenden

Happening in 2021? NO! Stay tuned for our 2022 class lineup, which we'll announce to our mailing list.

Come experience a tranquil time at our special offsite drawloom studio in Becky's childhood home where you will receive individual coaching, one project at a time.

Sitting down to weave at a drawloom in our special offsite studio is truly an idyllic and unparalleled experience. Drawloom Treasures offers you the time you need to take full advantage of our extensive library of patterns and ideas, as well as ample time for planning and meticulously weaving a beautiful piece. We offer a Tue–Wed session and/or a Thu–Fri session. All four days on one loom will allow you to weave a more complex or larger piece.

To choose a project: Choose your favorite(s) from our gallery of current projects, and contact us to secure your choice. Becky will gladly consult with you if you would like guidance.

Location: Farm Studio

Prerequisites: Vävstuga Basics or Drawloom ABC (specified by each project description)

Max enrollment: 2

Session and project fee: $300, + project fee per meter as listed by each project

Registration: A deposit of $50 per day is required for all sessions and is non-refundable; see our cancellation policy.

Room & board: $375 (includes 4 nights' lodging, 4 breakfasts, 3 dinners)

Schedule: The Farm Studio is open from 9:00–noon and 2:00–5:00 for instruction time. Our evening curfew is flexible at this location. Exception: checkout must be completed before 3:00 at our Water Street Studio.