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Yarns & linen

We sell Swedish linen, cottolin, cotton, and wool yarns from Bockens and Borgs.

Our Vävstuga yarn sample book is now available for $32.

About Bockens yarn

Bockens linen, cotton and cottolin yarns from Holma-Helsinglands AB are some of the finest quality available today. Holma-Helsinglands AB Bockens was established in 1898 as a flax-spinning mill. In 1950 the company was one of Europe's most modern spinning mills. Their yarns are known worldwide to be of the highest quality. They don't spin any yarns today but they do bleach, dye, twist and wind yarns for weaving, lace making and for the textile industry. They bleach and dye eco-friendly yarns. Most of their yarns are marked with "Good Environmental Choice" -- the eco label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The extraordinary color palette and the yarns themselves are designed to inspire traditional and contemporary use, as seen in Sweden's rich weaving heritage.

About Borgs yarn

The story of Borgs yarns starts back in 1734. Persson Borg specialized in dying various wool and linen yarns spun by the talented farm women of the area. By the year 1867 the spinning process became industrialized and mechanized looms were added as well. By the year 1939 there were 44 looms in use, including a few jacquard looms that were specialized for blanket making. The loom count increased to 70 during the '40s and '50s at the height of their textile production. Starting in 1978 the Glimåkra loom factory owned the Borgs yarn company for a short while. Borgs bought the Klippan yarn company in the year 2000 and is currently one of largest yarn companies in Sweden. This long history of providing high-quality weaving yarns in an expansive and beautiful color palette proves what centuries of skill and knowledge can bring to us.

Metric conversions: yards/meters, pounds/kilos

Weavers steeped in the English system of measure often know how may yards/pounds of thread they need but not how many meters/kilos they must buy!

1. To convert from Meters per Kilo to Yards per Pound, use the following formulas:

Meters per Kilo ÷ 2.2 = Meters per Pound

Meters per Pound × 1.094 = Yards per Pound

For example: If we see that a yarn has 4,000 Meters per Kilo, we would divide 4,000 by 2.2, which = 1818.2 Meters per Pound. If we multiply this result by 1.094, we find that we get 1989 Yards per Pound.

2. To convert from Pounds to Kilos:

Pounds ÷ 2.2 = Kilos

For example: If we figured we need 10 pounds of yarn for our project, dividing this by 2.2 gets us to 4.55 Kilos. Looks like you need 5 Kilos.

Yardage calculator

Ennea Collective

Not sure how much yarn you'll need? This handy calculator was by designed and created by Mark Law, © Ennea Collective, and is provided here with their permission.