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See our ordering & shipping page for more information. If you'd like, you can fill out and print the yarn order form [this will open a new browser window] and mail it with your order.

Linen & cottolin yarns

Sweden has long been known for high-quality linen yarns. A centuries-old tradition of growing and processing flax has produced the knowledge and skill necessary to create yarns that are a joy to work with. Products woven with these yarns are durable, classy, and have a great sheen, especially with cold mangling.

Cottolin is a real pleasure to work with because of the combined qualities of the soft cotton and firmer linen.

We also offer flax stricks ready for spinning.

1 strickapprox 125 g (4.4 oz)0.12/gram[view photo]
See also our mini-movie about Dressing a distaff.
Line linen ($ per 250 gram tube)
manufacturersizeunbleachedgolden bleachedhalf bleached4/4 bleacheddyedcolor cardmeasurements
Bockens  824.19 28.7726.60[view colors][view stats]
Bockens1224.35 26.88[view colors][view stats]
Bockens1624.3514.77*27.3613.75*15.31*[view colors][view stats]
Bockens2025.51 28.32[view colors][view stats]
Bockens2828.6334.09 31.89[view colors][view stats]
Bockens3538.08 39.20[view colors][view stats]
Bockens  8/224.6527.16 27.41[view colors][view stats]
Bockens12/225.11 27.92[view colors][view stats]
Bockens16/225.7914.04*28.8314.52*16.08*[view colors][view stats]
Bockens20/227.41 30.17[view colors][view stats]
Bockens28/230.80 33.84[view colors][view stats]
Bockens35/238.75 41.43[view colors][view stats]
Bockens16/325.93 [view colors]

*($ per 125 gram tube)

Tow linen ($ per 250 gram tube)
manufacturersizeunbleachedgolden bleachedhalf bleacheddyedcolor cardmeasurements
Bockens 1.544.53* 50.60* [view colors][view stats]
Bockens 4 22.90 25.03 [view colors][view stats]
Bockens 6 23.1626.5025.6927.51[view colors][view stats]
Bockens 8 23.2626.7026.1027.87[view colors][view stats]

*($ per 600 gram cone)

Linen rug warp ($ per 500 gram tube)
manufacturersizeunbleacheddyedcolor card
Bockens8/249.86 [view colors]
Bockens8/349.86 [view colors]
Bockens8/449.8653.91[view colors]
Bockens8/549.8653.91[view colors]
Linen lace yarn ($ per 25 gram tube)
manufacturersizegoldenunbleached#470half bleachedbleacheddyedcolor cardmeasurements
Bockens18/33.25[view colors][view stats]
Bockens18/53.25[view colors][view stats]
Bockens20/36.47[view colors][view stats]
Bockens25/37.68[view colors][view stats]
Bockens35/26.806.827.037.163.38*[view colors][view stats]
Bockens35/36.827.037.16[view colors][view stats]
Bockens40/27.247.477.53[view colors][view stats]
Bockens40/37.247.477.53[view colors][view stats]
Bockens50/27.758.018.08[view colors][view stats]
Bockens50/37.758.018.08[view colors][view stats]
Bockens60/27.998.018.288.403.81*[view colors][view stats]
Bockens60/[view colors][view stats]
Bockens80/23.21*3.27*3.34*[view colors][view stats]
Bockens90/23.45*3.55*3.60*[view colors][view stats]

*($ per 12.5 gram tube)

Cottolin (nialin) 60% cotton, 40% linen ($ per 250 gram tube)
manufacturersizeunbleachedbleacheddyedcolor card
Bockens22/217.9222.0423.44[view colors]

Stats: 250g = 1650m (8.8oz = 1804yd), 6600 meters/kilo (3282 yards/pound)

Cottolin (nialin) 60% cotton, 40% linen (500+ gram tube, $ per gram)
manufacturersizeunbleachedbleachedcolor card
Bockens22/2.08.10[view colors]

For these larger 500-gram tubes, we weigh the individual cone and charge by the gram.