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Band weaving

In addition to selling all the equipment you'll need to get started, we suggest the following additional resources:

We carry a couple of great books about bandweaving: Moraband, by Barbro Wallin, and The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory, by Anne Dixon.
See also my instructional mini-movies about using a rigid heddle, using a band loom, and finding the correct starting shed, and this instructional video about basic tablet weaving.
Project ideas
band woven on standard rigid heddle

This band from Doris Wiklund's book is woven on a large Standard rigid heddle

backstrap project

Try our free PDF instructions to create your own backstrap!

band octopus

An octopus of beautiful patterns to inspire your next design

Standard rigid heddle
For plain or patterned band weaving. Made of oiled birch.
rigid heddle, medium17 x 9 cm (6.75" x 9.25")holds 59 warp ends23.00
rigid heddle, large38 x 11 cm (15" x 4.5")holds 125 warp ends37.25
This easily portable and versatile little loom can produce both plain and intricately patterned bands.
standard rigid heddle

standard rigid heddle

Rigid heddle with handle
rigid heddle ("ribbon reed") with handleholds 19 warp ends39.00
ribbon reed

rigid heddle with handle

Rigid heddle with pattern slots
The pattern threads remain in the middle of the shed for ease of pattern pickup,
whether rigid heddle is lifted or lowered. Made of oiled birch.
rigid heddle with pattern slots, medium18.5 x 13 cm (7.5" x 5.5")holds 57 warp ends, including 13 pattern slots23.00
rigid heddle with pattern slots, large24.5 x 13 cm (10" x 5.5")holds 75 warp ends, including 19 pattern slots37.25
rigid heddle with pattern slots, x-large31 x 13 cm (12.5" x 5.5")holds 93 warp ends, including 25 pattern slots44.25
See also our mini-movie demo of Band Weaving on a Rigid Heddle.
basic tools for band weaving

Basic tools for band weaving: Standard rigid heddle, Rigid heddle with pattern slots, Band lock, Shaped band knife

Band lock
One simple tug on your band and you have advanced your warp.
band lock, small7 cm (3")13.35
band lock, medium9 cm (3.75")16.80
band lock, large15 cm (6")17.75
band locks

band locks

band lock in use

band lock works like a
backpack strap

Band knives
shaped band knife, untreated birchlength 30 cm (12") x width 3.5 cm (1.5")23.00
This is the best tool for weaving bands with a rigid heddle. The narrow end of the stick finds the shed smoothly and allows for easy visibility picking up a pattern shed. The yarn unwinds from the base as needed with no extra hand movements, and slides through the shed easily when done, as shown in the diagram.
Vävstuga band knifehandle 5" + blade 4.25" = overall 9.25"23.00
This is the best possible beater tool for weaving on a floor model band loom. See also our Vävstuga designed tools page to learn more about our band knife and reed hook, specially manufactured for us by well-known local cutlery manufacturer Lamson & Goodnow.
shaped band knife diagram

shaped band knife diagram

Vävstuga band knife

Vävstuga band knife