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  • June 2014

    Summer Treasures

    Treat yourself to a day or more at Vävstuga Treasures in July. Our summer Treasures session has something for everyone, and there are still a very few openings for you to come and weave stunningly beautiful things in our comfortable air-conditioned studio. Many projects are already spoken for, so contact us right away.

    • Come for one day — or the whole week.
    • Never woven before? — we have something for you.
    • Vävstuga Basics alumni? — beautiful projects at a variety of levels.
    Treasures project: Lisa's red sheepie!

    Treasures project: Lisa's red sheepie!

    Treasures project: Bev and Gus show off their Barbro's dalldräll

    Treasures project: Bev and Gus show off their Barbro's dalldräll


    Come see us in the vendor hall at the Convergence conference. This year it’ll be in Providence RI. If you’ve not been before, this event promises “the ultimate international fiber art experience.” Our booth hours are:

    Wednesday, July 16, 12:00–5:00p
    Thursday, July 17, 10:00a–5:00p, 7:00–10:30p
    Friday, July 18, 10:00a–5:00p
    Saturday, July 19, 10:00a–4:00p

    Scholarship news

    We are currently accepting Scholarship applications for the Fall classes of 2014.

    Drawlooms in May

    May brought many wonderful weavers to the Drawloom studio.

    Drawloom runners

    Drawloom runners

    Lisa's drawloom bees

    Lisa's drawloom bees

    Mary at the drawloom

    Mary at the drawloom

    matching red and blue drawloom squares

    matching red and blue drawloom squares

    May 2014

    Lisa Hill

    special guest teacher Lisa Hill

    We are excited to announce a new class at Vävstuga this September:

    Shifting Threads
    with Lisa Hill, special guest teacher

    In September 2014 we welcome Lisa Hill as a guest instructor. Those who have not had the opportunity to work with Lisa are in for a real treat. Her cheerful and exuberant manner along with her extraordinary expertise with color, design, and complicated weave structures expand the opportunities at Vävstuga for students to acquire knowledge and experience in a joyful environment.

    Shifting Threads is a new class at Vävstuga that will offer students a unique opportunity to explore shifting thread structures in depth. Participants will study and weave structures that perform amazing grid-defying feats. There are endless wonderful weave structures that accept the limitations of the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) grid, but in this class, using our beautiful Swedish linen, cottolin, cotton, and wool, we will defy that grid using loom controlled structures with interlacements that allow for movement, texture and curving lines.

    See the Shifting Threads class description for more details.

    There has been a lot of interest in this class, so contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

    Here are some project pictures to whet your appetite:

    bolster cover

    bolster cover







    March 2014

    It’s spring — and it’s time for Drawloom weaving!

    We still have openings in Drawloom Basics (open now to anyone with ample weaving experience) and Drawloom Treasures (open now to ALL our Vävstuga Basics alumni). Weaving on a drawloom is a blast, and not that difficult since we have the looms all set up for you in a beautiful location.

    Drawloom Treasures

    projects from Drawloom Treasures

    After several years of enjoying her wonderful culinary delights during classes we welcome Kim Sebrey into our office now as well. She will not only be doing your cooking and cleaning, but answering your phone calls and packing your orders too.

    Kim Sebrey

    Kim Sebrey, "Jill of all trades"

    Our recent 3 weeks of Vävstuga Treasures have been truly amazing. Stop by our Facebook page to view some of the many beautiful projects that have come into existence this past month.

    It’s not too soon to take a look at summer Vävstuga Treasures sessions. There is something wonderful for everyone. If you don’t know what to choose, Becky will help you pick your project/s, whether you have ever woven or not.

    Skillbragd coverlet

    3 Skillbragd coverlets from Vävstuga Treasures woven by Mary Beebe, Bettes Silver Schack and Becky Ashenden - don't you want to come make one too?

    Karen Eisenhower has put up a blog post on dressing a loom with “Flippy”.

    February 2014

    Phone hours & social media

    February brings a change in our phone hours:

    Wed & Friday 1-5 PM
    Thursday 1-8 PM

    We are replacing our Saturday phone hours with Thursday evenings for the convenience of those who work full time or live on the west coast. You can always reach us by e-mail any time of day or night.

    We are now on Facebook and Twitter, thank you Celeste! Join us and stay tuned!

    like us on facebook follow us on twitter

    Yarn sample books

    We have Yarn Sample books! Our January trip to Sweden rewarded us with real sample cards for many of the Bockens yarns. Our binders includes real samples for Line linens, 8 tow linen, cottolin, 8/2 cotton and 16/2 cotton. Our other yarns are represented by one natural sample of each accompanied by a printed color chart.

    Vavstuga yarn sample book: $32.00

    Rep rug project in Treasures

    rep rug project

    special rep rug project in Treasures

    This beautiful newly set up Rep Rug is a very special offering in our March Vävstuga Treasures class. With only 2 treadles, this warp is available to anyone (although some weaving experience is recommended). The warp is 1 meter wide in cottolin.

    3-day sessions available: $300 for 2 meter rug (plus materials)
    Mar 10–12, Mar 17–19

    2-day sessions available: $225 for 2 meter rug (plus materials)
    Mar 6-7, Mar 13–14, Mar 20–21

    If you are interested, please contact us us right away!

    Report from Sweden

    Becky weaving bands with Barbro Wallin in Mora Sweden

    Becky weaving bands with Barbro Wallin in Mora Sweden

    Becky spent a January day weaving Mora bands with Barbro Wallin in Mora, Sweden. Come to Treasures and learn how to weave these gorgeous bands with Becky.

    Becky with Monica Hallen

    Becky with Monica Hallen at Sätergläntan, Insjön, Sweden (Monica was Celeste's weaving teacher)

    Linda and Margareta

    Linda and Margareta in the winding room at Holma Helsinglands, Forsa, Sweden, home of Bockens yarns

    November 2013

    New classes

    Our Fall Class schedule is here! Don’t miss out on our Early Bird registration for this next round of classes.

    • New class More Swedish Classics!
      Introducing an opportunity to try out even more classic weave structures. This class features rep, bands, smålandsväv, jämtlandsdräll, ticking, and lace.

    • Expanded Vävstuga Treasures!
      Come weave a rag rug, whether or not you have woven with us before. Bring a friend for a day to try out a simple project. A stylish Vävstuga tea-time will enhance our Wednesday afternoons.

    Staff changes: Farewell to Susan Conover, Welcome to Linda Nilsson

    It’s hard to believe that Susan Conover’s 5 promised years of unwavering dedication to Vävstuga have come to a close. The amount of time and thought and hard work she has put into making Vävstuga tick like a Swiss watch are truly incredible and we thank her for that! We are looking forward to building on this sturdy foundation with our expanded class offerings in 2014.

    After 5 years away from her home in Ohio, Susan is returning to spend more time with family and friends in the beautiful Conover Homestead that she and Ernie have spent so many industrious years creating together. We welcome Susan’s frequent return to the excitement of Vävstuga as one of our treasured weaving comrades.

    We welcome Linda Nilsson as a new staff member to Vävstuga. She will be answering your e-mails and your phone calls.

    Vävstuga around the web

    Here are some fun links to take a look at:

    Karen Isenhower’s blog — an interview with Becky, part 1 and part 2

    Laverne Waddington’s blog — this backstrap weaving expert describes a visit to Vävstuga during her recent trip to the US (we’re about midway down the long page)

    A Pinterest board — photos of beautiful things that have recently been made at Vävstuga

    Projects from last week's Vävstuga Treasures class

    Projects from last week's Vävstuga Treasures class

    October 2013

    The lottery for the 2014 classes went smoothly and we are happy to annouce that everyone who entered was rewarded with a spot in a Vävstuga class! There are a few openings remaining in the Summer Basics as well as most of the Swedish Classics. If interested, please call or email us.

    For many of our customers, weaving linen just isn’t enough and they enjoy spinning their own flax into fine linen thread. If you have never tried spinning flax, now is the time. Flax stricks are in stock from Holma-Helsinglands in Sweden. The stricks weigh anywhere from 85-140 grams and are just beautiful. We’ve created this movie to show you how to dress your distaff.

    FOR SALE: Glimakra Julia Model 26″ width, 8-Shaft, 8-Treadle Countermarch loom. Natural color with 24 warp sticks, 500 Texsolv heddles and tie-up kit, lease sticks and instruction manual. Pick up at our location only. $950.

    FOR SALE: Glimakra Julia Model

    FOR SALE: Glimakra Julia Model

    Wishing you a beautiful Autumn from colorful New England!

    Autumn color

    Autumn color

    2014 Class Schedule

    Our 2014 class schedule is now posted, and registration is now open for 2014 Vävstuga Basics, Swedish Classics, and Drawloom Basics. Come join us in our beautiful weaving school situated along the banks of the Deerfield River and have fun learning to create your own handwoven treasures.

    We are proud to introduce Celeste Johnson as Becky’s new studio assistant for Vävstuga Basics and Swedish Classics classes starting January 2014. Attendees to Vävstuga Treasures in November 2013 will have a chance to meet her already that week.

    Celeste Johnson, our new studio assistant

    Celeste Johnson, our new studio assistant

    Smålandsväv enthusiasts will be very happy to learn that Om Fellen Kunne Fortelle (If Coverlets Could Speak) has returned to our bookstore. This book, which we have not had available in years, is full of skillbragd coverlets (Norwegian for Smålandsväv) with beautifully executed drafts, and even an English summary in the middle of the book. Take a look inside the book:

    Registration for Treasures classes begins mid-November. We are thrilled to be offering expanded opportunities at Vävstuga in 2014. Vävstuga Treasures is broadening its scope in the following ways:

    • Rag Rugs can be designed and woven in a variety of sizes in two, three or five days.
    • Rep rugs or runners will be available in a variety of techniques.
    • Bands may be woven as a single day project, or an evening project for people weaving second day.
    • Alumni Week enthusiasts will enjoy our selection of single day weaving projects.
    • Vävstuga Days continues in spirit by having one or two projects available to newcomers.
    • Vävstuga teatime will make Wednesdays special during Vävstuga Treasures.

    March 2013

    Daylight Saving Time began this past Sunday. With an extra hour of daylight at the end of our work day we are able to take longer walks and observe the migration of birds. Spring isn’t far around the corner now!



    The big news at Vävstuga is that our long-awaited book has arrived! It’s entitled Dress Your Loom the Vävstuga Way: A bench-side photo guide, by Becky Ashenden. This book consists of 135 pages of beautiful photography and captions. It is as though Becky is standing next to you in your home giving step by step instructions on how to:

    • wind your warp
    • prepare the loom for beaming
    • prepare the warp for beaming
    • beam the warp using a trapeze
    • thread and sley
    • tie on to the front of the loom
    • tie up for counterbalance or countermarch

    The book measures 8.5″ x 5.5″ and is spiral bound to lie flat on your bench for easy viewing. We affectionately call this little gem the “Flippy,” since its binding lets you flip easily from page to page. The price is $24 plus shipping and tax where applicable.

     2013 Treasures Special Week

    2013 Treasures Special Week

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, February 4-8

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, February 4-8

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, February 18-22

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, February 18-22

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, March 4-8

    2013 Vävstuga Basics, March 4-8

    January and February’s statistics for warps wound: 78,557 meters of warp wound in 8/2 and 16/2 cottons, 22/2 cottolin and Tuna wool. That equates to 85,911 yards or 49 miles.

    February 2013

    Last weekend’s snowstorm blanketed Shelburne Falls with 18″ of snow. The result was a winter landscape of white, white, white and it was truly a sight to behold.

    We are thrilled with our updated band weaving page! Take a look at Becky’s latest mini-movie on using the rigid heddle to create a beautiful band.

    There are a few openings in upcoming classes:

    • Bands Plain & Fancy
      • May 8-10 (1 spot with room & board available, 1 spot for a day student)
      • May 13-15 (2 day-student spots)
    • Drawloom Basics
      • May 27-31 (1 day-student spot)
      • June 3-7 (1 spot with room & board available, 1 spot for a day student)
    • Swedish Rag Rug – June 12-14 (1 spot with room & board)

    The Vävstuga Treasures sessions for both April and November are fully subscribed. If you are an Alum and would like to be put on a waiting list, please contact us.

    We hope you are having a great winter.

    October 2012

    We’ve had quite a bit of excitement with the onslaught of enrollments for 2013 — more than 92% of our classes are filled for next year! It humbles us to no end that so many folks have made the trek to our beautiful studio and so many new faces are scheduled to visit next year.

    For many of our customers, weaving linen just isn’t enough and they enjoy spinning their own flax into fine linen thread. If you have never tried spinning flax, now is the time. Flax stricks are in stock from Holma-Helsinglands in Sweden. The stricks average approximately 125 grams (4.4 oz) and are just beautiful. We’ve also created this movie to show you how to dress your distaff.

    The holidays aren’t that far off and we now have beautiful gift certificates for every weaver (and spinner) on your gift list.

    sample gift certificate

    sample gift certificate

    The latest book that we have added to our website is Custom Woven Interiors: Bringing Color and Design Home with Rep Weave by Kelly Marshall.

    For weeks now we have been telling disappointed customers that we are sold out of Damask and Opphamta with Weaving Sword or Drawloom by Lillemor Johansson. Lo and behold, the alignment of the planets is very good right now: we discovered twenty more copies tucked away in storage!

    Wishing you all a beautiful Autumn filled with long walks in the woods and rainy days at the loom.

    Monks Belt Pick Up, fresh off the loom

    Monks Belt Pick Up, fresh off the loom