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  • November 2018

    Space Available in upcoming Winter classes

    Sagas & Fluff: November 26-30

    Feeling spontaneous?  We have an opening the week after Thanksgiving in the Sagas & Fluff class. We hope one of you will join us for this special week focusing on weft-faced weaves including Rya, Flossa, Dubblebindning, Gubbetacke, Bound Rosepath variations, Corduroy, and Weft-faced ticking and plain weave.

    Vävstuga Favorites

    Come and weave something beautiful before, or after, the holidays! There are a few spaces in the December 4-7 and 11-14, 2018 and in the January 7-11, 2019 Vävstuga Favorites weeks. A great way to end, or start, the year.

    Vävstuga Basics

    An opening just became available in the January 28-February 1, 2019 Vävstuga Basics class. If this is on your wish list, call us to register.

    We also still have a few spaces open in our February 4-8 and February 25-March 1 Vävstuga Basics class weeks and one space left in our March 4-8 class week.

    New Books

    Back in Print: Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave: 45 Stylish Designs for the Modern Home

    Now available in English, and in paperback, this beautiful book from the Scandinavian weaving magazine Vävmagasinet combines many unusual and effective techniques to create 45 brilliant new designs that could keep any inspired weaver busy for a long time.

    Vevtradisjon til hygge og nytte

    We are delighted to offer this beautiful book featuring wonderful examples of Skillbragd (Smålandsväv in Swedish) and other weaving structures from the Ranen Husflidslag (arts & crafts organization) in Norway. Great photographs of new and old coverlets, designed or collected by Brynhild Petersen who founded this Husflidslag and rewoven by 31 current members of the organization.

     New Yarn-in-a-Jar Design Tools

    We have two new Yarn-in-a-Jars ready for your rug designing pleasure. We have combined our Cotton Rug Warp and Linen Rug Warp in one jar and also offer a Cotton String Yarn jar. These products should be available on our website by tomorrow.



    Annual Thanksgiving Sale!
    20% off yarn orders placed online
    with gratitude for your business and friendship!

    Sale begins at midnight (11:59pm) on Wednesday, November 21st and

    ends at midnight (11:59pm) on Wednesday, November 28th

    (in stock yarns ordered online only)

    Place your orders at store.vavstuga.com

    Please note – We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday Wednesday, November 21st – Sunday, November 25th

    Order processing will resume on Monday, November 26th and sales will be processed in the order in which they were received.

    Regular phone hours, Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm, will resume Tuesday, November 27th.

    Thank you for your patience as we enjoy the holiday with our families!


    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    October 2018

    Fall Classes

    In 2018 we offered two beautiful and challenging Vävstuga Treasures projects to our Basics alumni: Roy’s Smålandsväv Coverlet and a Blue Satin Tablecloth on 10-shafts. Mary and Ann wove beautiful coverlets and Joan and Andrea wove a lovely tablecloth.



    Two new Vävstuga Treasures projects will be available in 2019! A Plattväv Coverlet and a Jämtlandsdräll Tablecloth, both on 4 shafts. The tablecloth will be woven soon so you can see a lovely color photo of it on the Treasures page once that’s been done.

    Drawloom ABC, Drawloom Treasures, and Vävstuga Favorites

    Weavers in these concurrent sessions enjoyed 4 days of weaving and camaraderie out at the farm studio.

    Cindy, Susan, and José each focused on a specific Drawloom project in detail: Opphämta, Shaft Draw, and Single Unit.

    Eric wove the gorgeous Drawloom Treasures project: Lithuanian Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts with Monksbelt.

    Laura wove fine linen hand towels, Judy wove a colorful Krokbragd rug, Barbara wove an assortment of weft-faced art weaves, and Susan wove a challenging Jämtlandsdräll runner.

    An inspiring week indeed!

    November News is coming soon

    Featuring our Thanksgiving Yarn Sale, so stay tuned!

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    2019 Class Schedule + 2018 Fall/Winter Classes

    2018 Classes with Space Available:

    No Vävstuga Basics prerequisite:

    October 17-19 Scandinavian Knitting with Beth Brown-Reinsel

    Saami mittens

    We always enjoy welcoming the delightful Beth Brown-Reinsel to teach knitting at Vävstuga.  Her expertise in Scandinavian knitting techniques mirrors Becky’s expertise in Scandinavian weaving.

    There is still space in Beth’s class which is offered this October 17-19.  You can find more details on the Scandinavian Knitting class page.

    This year’s project is Saami Mittens using our beautiful Swedish Tuna yarns.

    The Saami people live in the northern most areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia and are the nomadic indigenous people of Scandinavia.



    Some projects with, and some without, the Vävstuga Basics prerequisite:

    Vävstuga Favorites:  October 23-26, December 4-7 and December 11-14

    So many Favorites projects to choose from!  Choose your own warp colors and warp lengths and we’ll have your warp chained and ready for you when you arrive. We can even beam the warp for you, or you can use it as an opportunity to review warping the Vävstuga way.

    For those who have not yet taken our Vävstuga Basics class, we have an assortment of wonderful plain weave napkins, towels and/or runners, as well as easy Rep projects, to choose from.

    For our Basics Alumni, the choices are nearly endless, from one of the Vävstuga curtains, to Jämtlandsdräll, Smålandsväv, Satin Damask, or fancy Rep runners, to flamboyant blankets, and more.

    One spot is open October 23-26, and a few spots are still open in December 4-7 and December 11-14.

    For Vävstuga Basics Alumni:

    Swedish Classics: October 29-November 2  and November 5-9

    A rare opening has come up in both of our Swedish Classics weeks this fall!

    We hope you can join us to weave beautiful Monks Belt and Rosepath, both in linen and wool, 8-shaft twill cotton yardage, a single-ply linen table square, and a true satin damask in cotton and linen.  Delve into these classic Swedish weave structures and materials with class time focusing on theory and design. The perfect class to follow Vävstuga Basics.

    Call the office at 413-625-8241 to register and enjoy some fall/winter weaving with us.


    2019 Class Schedule is ready

    Registrations begin on Thursday, September 27th

    See our class offerings.

    To Register:

    Go to our Registration page and download our 2019 Registration Form to your computer!

    If you don’t download the form to your computer first, and depending on your browser, the email attachment may come through to us as blank.

    If paying by credit card:

    • Download the registration from to your computer.
    • Fill the form out completely and email it to us at office@vavstuga.com.
    • Call us during our office hours, Tuesday-Friday, 9am-3pm, with a credit card for the deposit(s) to hold your place(s).

    We currently have classes in session and may be needed in the studio. Please keep trying, rather than leaving a phone message. We may not have time to get to messages left on our answering machine in a timely way.  Thank you for your patience!

    If paying by check:

    • Print and fill out the form completely and mail it to us with your check (drawn on a USA bank) for the class deposit(s).
    • You may email your form to us (see above) and let us know that your deposit check is on it’s way. However, we cannot hold a space until a deposit is received.


    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    August Newsletter

    Reminder:  We hope to announce our 2019 class calendar in next month’s newsletter with registrations opening by Tuesday, October 9th.


    2018 Classes with Space Available:

    No Vävstuga Basics prerequisite:

    October 17-19 Scandinavian Knitting with Beth Brown-Reinsel

    Saami mittens

    We always enjoy welcoming the delightful Beth Brown-Reinsel to teach knitting at Vävstuga.  Her expertise in Scandinavian knitting techniques mirrors Becky’s expertise in Scandinavian weaving.

    There is still space in Beth’s class which is offered this October 17-19.  You can find more details on the Scandinavian Knitting class page.

    This year’s project is Saami Mittens using our beautiful Swedish Tuna yarns.

    The Saami people live in the northern most areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia and are the nomadic indigenous people of Scandinavia.


    Classes with the Vävstuga Basics class prerequisite

    August 27-31 Linens: Seed to Cloth

    flax to linen

    Feeling spontaneous? There is one space open in our Linens: Seed to Cloth class, August 27-31.

    Come to our lovely farm studio location to experience the entire process of growing flax, making yarn, and weaving it into cloth.

    Much of the class will be spent weaving using our high quality Swedish linen yarns on pre-beamed looms. You will use both single-ply and plied linen in a variety of weights with a special focus on dressing a loom with single-ply linen.

    You will go home with knowledge of, and appreciation for, the nuances of weaving with this glistening fiber.


    November 26-30 Sagas & Fluff

    There is one space open in our Sagas & Fluff class, November 26-30th. Come and explore the amazing and satisfying weft-faced structures such as gubbatäcke, corduroy, rosepath, krokbragd, weft-faced plain weave, ticking, flossa, rya, and dubbelbindning and take home beautiful new weavings destined for rugs, bags, hangings, yardage, or upholstery.

    sagas projectsagas projectsagas project

    sagas projectsagas projectsagas project

    August 2018 Drawloom ABC and Vävstuga Favorites

    We have a wonderful group of weavers with us this week. Some are exploring the details of Drawloom weaving, focusing on either Single Unit, Shaft Draw, or Opphämta.  Others are working on their own Favorites projects including Flamboyant Blankets and Smålandsväv.

    More pictures to come next month after we complete our August classes: Plentiful Rosepath Pillows with guest teacher from Sweden, Anna Östlund. You can see her books on our web store. We’ll finish up the summer with our Linens: Seed to Cloth class.

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.


    July 2018

    Space available in our August 14-17 Favorites class

    Feeling spontaneous and in want of a fun weaving project at Vävstuga?  Join us in August out at the farm house to weave a Favorites project of your choice!  If you are not a Basics alum there are still a lot of “Easy” and wonderful projects available to choose from on the class page. For all projects you choose your colors and warp length and we will wind your warp for you. We’ll also beam it for you, if desired.  We hope one of you will join us next month!

    Mini Immersion #1

    Our first bi-annual 3-week Mini Immersion program kicked off the summer with a wonderful group of 10 creative and dedicated weavers!


     The program started with an intensive few days of winding long warps, setting up looms, and engaging in the work with a great team focus.

    Once the looms were ready, each weaver worked on 10 different projects, including single ply Tow linen goose eye place mats, 8-shaft twill wool blankets, a colorful towel, beautiful plattväv, bound rosepath, Smålandsväv, Finnish opphämta, a Daldräll curtain, a rep rug, and even satin damask on the drawloom. Daily classes focused on drafting, design, project planning, fabric analysis, and more.

    Despite some unseasonably hot weather and the intensity of weaving for hours each day for 3 weeks, we hope our talented weaving friends enjoyed being immersed in weaving the Vävstuga way and exploring these beautiful structures!

    Fiber Frolic

    Becky immediately turned her attention to our 8 Fiber Frolic students, ranging in age from 7 to adult, who joined us July 9-13th out at the farm. This wonderful week focuses on exploring a variety of fiber arts, in addition to weaving on hand looms, and includes several guest teachers.  Julie Parsons offered natural dyeing, with a focus on indigo, Sara Jeanne Burke taught students how to sew a variety of projects using their handwoven cloth,  Emily Gwynn assisted Becky with the weaving and spinning, and Bettie Zakon-Anderson taught needle felting and also Maypole dancing to music played by Becky and Leni.


    The week ended with a “Fika” with family members attending to celebrate a very productive and fiber-filled week!


    New Cotton Yarn-in-a-Jar available

    Our design tool offerings continue to expand.

    We’ve just completed our fine cotton yarn-in-a-jar set which includes pirnettes of all the colors in our Borgs 24/2 and 30/2 cottons.

    Nestled inside the big jar is a ‘baby’ jar which has pirnettes of our Bockens 20/2, 24/2, and 30/2 bleached and unbleached fine cotton.  We think it’s pretty cute, in addition to being useful.


    Vävglädje (Happy Weaving) video review

    As most of you know, Becky creates a video review of the books we offer for sale on our web store so that you can see a preview before purchasing.  We’ve just added the video for this book to our Vävstuga youtube channel, which you can also access on the Vävglädje page on our web store, so you can see for yourself some of the beautiful projects inside.  As we mentioned last month, we’ve also printed an English supplement which is included with the purchase of this book.  And, as always, we wish you Happy Weaving!


    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    June 2018

    June Classes

    We welcomed two guest teachers to Vävstuga this month: Barbara Burns and Wendy Jensen. Both of these accomplished artists and teachers were very well received by their students and we look forward to welcoming them back in the future.

    Tapestry: Beginner and Beyond

    Barbara Burns (at far right) taught our Tapestry: Beginner and Beyond class, June 6-8th. Students were guided through the process of warping a loom and were taught a variety of skills, creating a tapestry sampler to serve as a reference for future explorations.


    Wendy Jensen (4th from left) returned to Vävstuga for her second time teaching her Basket Weaving class out at the Barn Studio. This time Wendy offered her “Williamsburg carrying basket”, teaching students how to weave a basket base around a sturdy, preformed, hickory handle, with an emphasis on shaping, rim fitting, scarfing and lashing.


    3 Week Mini Immersion begins!

    Also starting this June was our inaugural Mini Immersion program which runs from June 18th- July 6th. We welcomed 10 students from around the country and the world, including Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Indiana. Iowa,  Ohio, Florida, West Virginia, Canada and Australia!  We feel so fortunate to get to spend 3 weeks with this wonderful group of people as they focus on this in depth program. They will learn 10 techniques from our most popular classes and go home with a deeper understanding of the advantages of weaving the Vävstuga way and the skills to pursue their own weaving with this great foundational and challenging experience.

    8 of the 10 made it in time for the first supper with Becky and Leni!  More pictures to follow in next month’s News.



    More on Vävglädje (Happy Weaving)

    We had the good luck of obtaining the remaining copies of this wonderful, out-of-print, book Vävglädje (Happy Weaving) from Lillemor Johansson, who started and operated the Vävmagasinet from 1982 until 2003. Vävstuga Press re-printed the English supplement to accompany the text.  The book and English supplement are sold as a set on our web store.  You can watch Becky’s video review of the book on our Vävstuga Youtube channel, along with many other helpful book reviews and instructional videos.



    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    May 2018

    Vävgladje (Happy Weaving) book and English supplement

    Väv Gladje (Happy Weaving), a popular book from Väv Magasinet, is back in stock!  We are delighted to offer this book from the previous editor of Väv Magasinet, Lillemor Johansson. In it she presents a collection of 50 favorites from her magazine from the 1982-2003 era. Vävstuga has created an English supplement to accompany the text. The translation includes many commonly used Swedish weaving terms which could also be useful to you when reading other Swedish weaving texts.  The book should appear on our web store soon.  Look for it under “Books”.

    Memorial Day Weekend Yarn Sale

    It’s time to plan your Spring and Summer weaving!   20% off in-stock yarn orders placed online at store.vavstuga.com

    with gratitude for your business and friendship!

    Sale begins on Saturday, May 26th at 12:01am and ends on Monday, May 28th at 11:59pm

    Sale is on in-stock yarns only. Online orders will be processed beginning on Tuesday, May 29th in the order in which they were received.  Thank you for your business!

    Becky’s “Nordic Journey” Presentation

    Local friends!  Come to the Shelburne Free Public Library on Wednesday, May 30th at 7pm for Becky’s presentation of her “Nordic Journey”.


    A fundraiser for the Fabric of Life 501(c)3


    Saturday – June 9, 2018  1 pm until the wee hours at 80 Bassett Road, Shelburne, MA

    From 2-5pm, come try your hand at a variety of crafts, including timber framing, blacksmithing, natural dyeing, and weaving.

    There will also be flax spinning demos at that time with Patsy Sue Zawistoski, Justin Squizzero, Cassie Dickson!

    SILENT AUCTION ITEM:  Ulla Cyrus Öxabäck Loom – 125cm(a way to participate in the fun if you cannot attend the BarnFest)

    Bells and Whistles include:
    – 16 shafts and treadles
    – double warp beam
    – fly shuttle beater
    – single unit drawloom attachment with pattern saving lash deviceTHE BIDDING DETAILS:

    • Minimum bid $3000
    • Bid increments $50
    • If you cannot attend the festival, email your contact info and bid amount to office@vavstuga.com by Friday, June 8th at 1:00pm
    • Bidding is also open to festival attendees on Saturday until 1:00pm
    • Only one bid is needed, as all bids remain private – bid the highest amount you can manage
    • Winning bid is not based on the order bids are received. The highest bidder as of 1:00pm on Saturday, June 9th wins!
    • We will contact you if you are not in attendance
    • Loom must be picked up in MA within 3 weeks


    May Drawloom ABC and Vävstuga Favorites

    Our combined Drawloom ABC and Vävstuga Favorites classes created some beautiful projects out at the farm house early this month.




    Three of the students in these classes agreed to return during the Barn Fest on June 9th to finish, and demonstrate, their beautiful projects including Shaft Drawloom, Smålandsväv, and Honeycomb Curtains. Be sure to stop in the farm house when you are at the festival and say hello to Helen, Ellen, and Lisa and view their wonderful weaving talents!

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.


    April 2018

    Class Openings

    Weave for the Swedish Kitchen

    Feeling spontaneous? We have space available in our upcoming Weave for the Swedish Kitchen class, May 22-25

    Choose your warp colors to match your own kitchen and weave an array of wonderful projects.

    Weave fabric for an apron, with woven bands and pockets, if desired, and spend part of the week sewing it with assistance from our own Sara Jeanne Burke.  Or weave rep placemats or a table square, napkins, runners and/or towels, all coordinating and loads of fun in your own colors.

    Call us to register and we will send you a fun program to help you in your color planning.


    One Day Wonders

    There is one day available in our One Day Wonders session on Friday, May 18th. For those of you who have never attended Vävstuga Basics, or would just enjoy a day weaving a beautiful cottolin and tow linen towel, the One Day Wonders session is a great opportunity to experience Vävstuga surrounded by other inspirational weavers.

    Vävstuga Favorites

    Looking further ahead, there is one opening left in the Vävstuga Favorites class during the week of August 14-17 (and more space available in December).  Whether you are a Basics Alum or have yet to experience Vävstuga, there is a wonderful Favorites project for you.  Choose your own warp colors or the colors used in the project picture.  See the class page for the amazing variety of projects that our students have described as their “favorites” through the years and weave one this August.

    New Book

    Wool: Unraveling an American Story of Artisans and Innovations

    Wool: Unraveling an American Story of Artisans and Innovations

    In this beautiful book, our dear friend and neighbor Peggy Hart tells wool’s colorful and surprisingly epic tale. She shows how it has impacted millions of lives–from immigrants, slaves, and Native Americans to farmers and advertisers.

    This is a story of technological and social change, marketing forces, and our choices as consumers. Wool is a must-read for anyone who has knitted (or worn!) socks, woven a piece of cloth, or curled up with a warm wool blanket.

    Peggy is a textile designer, production weaver, and teacher with experience in designing, producing, and marketing hundreds of blankets annually including custom blankets for sheep and alpaca farmers using their own yarn. She weaves on 1940s vintage dobby looms, with widths ranging from 48″ to 92″.



    March Drawloom ABC and Nordic Classics classes

    We so enjoyed the students in our first Drawloom ABC class, our Vävstuga Favorites class and two Nordic Classics classes this month!  Projects included colorful (and long!) Rep runners and a beautiful Smålandsväv runner in the Favorites class, Single Unit, Shaft Drawloom, and Opphämta projects in Drawloom ABC, and a variety of challenging projects in Nordic Classics, including treadled Opphämta, treadled Leno Lace, Enkel Skillbragd, Halvdräll, a figured fabric from Denmark and Gagnefkrus, or Honeycomb, from Sweden.  Here are some pictures of a few of the projects from these talented weavers!


    Becky’s Drawloom Project and Little White Books

    Becky also enjoyed weaving on the Single Unit/Shaft Draw Combination last month. She created this project including birds, creatures, borders and motifs using multiple patterns from the various Little White Books, Korsstygnsbolaget, by Britta Johanson.

    Here is a video link so you can watch 14 short videos showing the patterns included in these wonderful little books. The patterns can be used for any artistic endeavor based on graphed designs such as embroidery, tiling and, of course, weaving.

    Memorial Day Yarn Sale

    We’ll be offering our spring yarn sale at the end of May.  Stay tuned for details in our May Newsletter!

    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.


    March 2018

    New Yarn-in-a-Jar Design Tools

    There has been a lot of pirnette winding here at Vävstuga and we are ready to offer two new Yarn-in-a-Jar flavors:  6/1 Tow Linen and 8/1 Tow Linen.  The 6/1 Tow Linen jar also contains pirnettes wound with our 4/1 and 1.5/1 Tow with their respective stats.

    The shorter tow fibers make a lovely linen yarn that is a bit more rustic in nature than the line linen made from the longer fibers. The fibers are long and strong and make a wonderful warp and weft yarn that students in our Swedish Classics class work with in the form of a beautiful little tablecloth. One of many classic uses for tow linen is weft for towels and runners.

    More Exciting Offerings from Fabric of Life and friends

    Build Your Own Earth Oven

    Our sister organization, Fabric of Life, is offering this special 3-day class, June 2-4, 2018 at the Barn Studio in Shelburne Falls, MA.

    Learn to build your own backyard wood-fired oven out of simple materials from the earth (clay, sand, straw).

    The instructor, Jon Santiago, is an oven builder based in Haydenville, MA. He first learned oven building while living in Patagonia, Argentina where many people were using wood as their main source of fuel for heating and cooking.



    More details are available on this printable flyer and on the Fabric of Life website. You may register for this workshop by calling the Vävstuga office at 413-625-8241.

    Garlic Festival Fleece to Shawl

    The 20th North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival will take place September 29-30 2018, 10 am to 5pm, in Orange, MA. They are seeking participants for  a “sheep to shawl” type event. They will provide a 10×20 tent, tables and chairs and any other “infrastructure” requested. The festival will pay for materials and would love to have a make your own drop-spindle segment too.

    For many years the festival has hosted a “local living” area to provide attendees a rich experience of how things work/how things are made at the home and community scale. They haven’t had a fiber focus yet and hope with your help volunteering to get it on the program this year.
    Please call or email for further information: Rachel Scherer 978-790-1240 rachelscherer@yahoo.com

    Artist in Residency Program

    Our very first Artist in Residency Program was completed last Friday in partnership with Fabric of life 501(c)(3) and was, appropriately, celebrated with an afternoon Fika.


    Participants had just finished the 15-week Vävstuga Immersion Program in December where they were able to further develop their weaving skills and gain some independence in designing and planning projects. The three residents wanted a bit more time to explore their own creativity independently while weaving the Vävstuga way.
     Emily spent 4 weeks, and Kira and Christine each spent 9 weeks, pursuing their own weaving projects at our Farmhouse in great depth. We are extremely proud of their progress, accomplishments, and expect this to be the first of many exciting residencies to be offered.

    Estate Sale – Glimakra Loom with Drawloom Attachment

    We have been informed that a member of Complex Weavers passed away right before Christmas. The family has sold the home, all that is left is the weaving equipment, which includes a totally equipped 64″ Glimarka Standard with 10 shafts and drawloom attachment for 20 additional shafts. (Loom originally purchased in 1982). The loom is set up and ready to weave. It looks like new. All original instructions are with the loom. 

    We are trying to find a home for this loom on behalf of the family before the closing in less than 4 weeks. The loom is located in Iselin, New Jersey (metro NYC area, close to the Metro Park train station.)

    On Sunday, March 25, 9-5 the loom will be available to view and try, along with the rest of the fiber “estate.” 

    A guild member is coordinating the sale for the family. Please contact her directly with any questions: MRothDavies (@) hotmail.com 

    Yes, the sale coordinator has been informed about the Glimakra site as a place to advertise this loom, but the family is trying to avoid disassembly and moving costs to a storage facility if at all possible. 


    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

    February 2018

    New Books!

    We have two lovely little books on our web store that we are excited to offer!

    Väv på Fyra Skaft!  (Weave on 4 Shafts!)

    This darling little book will open your eyes to many lovely, fresh possibilities that require only 4 shafts, with 2, 4 or 6 treadles. Structures include plain weave, M’s and O’s, waffle weave, twill, halvdräll, log cabin, rosepath, float weaves and more. There is plenty of emphasis on stripes and checks, as well as color effects, to help broaden your horizons even beyond these pages for balanced weaves, or warp effect or weft effect projects. All of the designs are pleasing and colorfully portrayed in a full page, close up photograph of each fabric. All fabrics use various combinations of cotton, linen and wool. In Swedish.


    Broderier Från 50- och 60-Talen (Embroideries from the ’50s and ’60s)

    Even though we do not usually carry embroidery books, this one was so adorable we simply couldn’t resist. This is the book for those who love the colorful embroidery that was so popular in the ’50s and ’60s! During this period many of the leading textile artists worked closely with Östergötland County Hemslöjdsförening (Handcraft Association). In the book there are ten descriptions of original embroidery and inspirational images of further examples of the patterns created during this great era of embroidery. Silver roses by Elsa Agelii, the grasshopper in blue and green shades by Ingrid Dessau, and Birgitta Werner-Johansson’s brilliantly crafted gemstone series are some of the embroideries shown with pictures and patterns. Writer Ann-Sofie Svansbo has found new uses for some of the embroideries with careful hand and a great sense of style. The department head of the collections at Östergötland’s museum, Anna Lindqvist, tells about the artists who worked during this time period. In Swedish.



    After 4 years we are raising our yarn prices effective March 1st.


    Barn Benefit Festival on Saturday, June 9, 2018

    Excitement is building for the annual Fabric of Life fundraising party this spring. If you are interested in being a volunteer at this great event, please let us know.

    Festivities run from 1:00pm to the wee hours at 80 Bassett Road in Shelburne, MA

    This year the celebration includes: Traditional Craftsmanship, Agriculture and Music featuring:

    Fabric of Life boutique – selling weaving tools, books and other wonderful items.

    A tasting party of locally produced food and drink.

    Hands-on activities for all ages including Weaving, Spinning, Embroidery, Blacksmithing, Timber framing, and the list grows daily.

    Concert and dance performances, including Contra dancing and Balkan dancing through the night, plus a Balkan sing-along and ukulele workshop.




    Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.