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  • Big sale on September 19!

    We’re having a BIG SALE at Becky’s house to benefit the Vävstuga Scholarship Fund.
    Don’t miss this epic event, and the chance to see Becky’s house and studio.
    (driving directions)

    Saturday, September 19
    9am – 4pm

    Detailed list below.
    Come early to get the good stuff / Stay late to get super bargains
    NO PRE-SALES. Prices subject to change.


    150cm Swedish loom (not Glimakra)

    double back beam
    regular warp beam & sectional warp beam
    counterbalance beam
    8 shafts
    10 treadles
    upper lamms
    needs tie-up parts (pulleys and horses, or countermarch, and cords etc.)
    $900 as is

    Older 150 cm counterbalance Glimakra loom

    4 shafts and 6 treadles
    pulleys and horses
    some cords

    150 cm single unit draw attachment

    (Older style Glimakra system)
    older style extension
    overhead beam for pattern lashes
    1 reed for pattern cords
    high countermarch to accommodate draw attachment

    120cm Swedish loom (not Glimakra)

    10 shafts
    10 treadles
    upper lamms
    counterbalance beam
    damask pulleys
    needs tie-up parts
    $900 as is

    120 cm Andersson loom

    10 shafts
    10 treadles
    countermarch with cords
    upper and lower lamms

    2 red Julia looms

    prototypes (2 shafts), could be expanded
    $400 each

    4 meter warp mill

    $200 as is

    Warping boards

    These good sized warping boards are collapsible to save space
    $40 each

    11 Various horizontal countermarches with lamms

    120 cm, 8 shaft vertical – $100 (older)
    120 cm, 8 shaft horizontal – $100 (older)
    120 cm, 10 shaft horizontal – $200-$300
    150 cm, 10 shaft horizontal – $200-$300
    150 cm, 12 shaft horizontal – $200-$300
    160 cm, 12 shaft vertical – $200


    Lots of used reeds will be for sale (American reeds)

    Double warp beams

    70cm – $200
    150cm – $300

    Upgrade kit, 100 cm Ideal from 4 shafts to 8 shafts

    includes countermarch

    Upgrade kit, 100 cm Ideal loom to from 8 shafts to 10 shafts

    augments existing 8 shaft countermarch
    all new shafts, thinner
    all new lamms, holes closer together
    New treadle beam and treadles

    110 cm Opphamta attachment

    with 20 pattern shafts

    10’x10′ canopy

    with sides, great for outdoor shows


    (back issues)

    Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot
    Knitting magazines


    Susie Robbins’ books have been donated by the family to the scholarship fund. In addition to weaving books there are books on gardening, knitting, sewing, other crafts, and various other interesting things.


    (Becky is purging her studio)

    8/2 cotton (American)
    16/2 cotton (American)
    36/2 cotton (American)
    cotton flake (American)
    2/2 cotton, (Borgs)
    Bartletts wool, sport weight and worsted
    Maysville rug filler
    Halcyon rug wool, 2 ply and some singles
    Harrisville Highland
    Fine single ply wool from an old NH mill
    Other various other things.


    There is bound to be some.


    Some of that too.
    (More of it as the day progresses)


    1. Kathie Kelleher says:

      Very exciting!
      Any bandlooms for sale?!

    2. Kathie Kelleher says:

      Oh-another question.
      Are the reeds stainless steel?


    3. Becky says:

      No bandlooms for sale that I know of.
      The reeds are not stainless.

    4. john l. says:

      the weavers sale was awesome. we filled our car and went back on sunday to pick up a loom. we had a great time.thak you john,sue,sara & trish.

    5. Kathie Kelleher says:

      I’ll second that!
      From donuts and cider to a studio tour- it was great.
      Oh yeah, lots of fine new treasures for my studio, too.
      I hope this becomes an annual tradition…