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Vävstuga Treasures

Come experience a tranquil time at Vävstuga where you will receive individual coaching, one project at a time.

Instructor: Becky Ashenden (available 9 am – 12 pm and 2– 5 pm)

Prerequisites: Some projects require Vävstuga Basics; see individual project descriptions (Why does everyone need Basics?)

Max enrollment: 10 (12 looms available)

Session fee:
    Reserve in advance: Fees to reserve an individual project in advance are itemized below.
    Potluck option: Save $20 per day if you do not reserve a project ahead. (Project choice then determined by registration date among potluckers.)
    A deposit of $50 per day is required for all sessions and is non-refundable; see our cancellation policy.

Materials fee: We weigh the woven projects and charge by the ounce

Room & board: Lodging available $65/night; meals not provided

Schedule: Studio open 9 am – 7 pm (studio closes at 5 pm on Friday). See above for Becky's hours. Checkout must be completed before 5 pm on any given day. We'll host a teatime each Wednesday!


Dates offered 2014: Mar 3–7, Mar 10–14, Mar 17–21, Jul 21–25, Jul 28 – Aug 1, Nov 17–21, Dec 1–5

Dates offered 2015: Mar 9–13, Mar 16–20, Mar 23–27, Jul 6–10, Jul 13–17, Jul 20–22, Nov 30 – Dec 4, Dec 7–11

Take advantage of this opportunity to step beyond your realm of experience, no matter what that level might be. Students will be able to concentrate on their selected project and Becky will be on hand to get you started and to assist you as needed. We offer a Mon–Wed session and/or a Thu–Fri session. The larger projects require all five days. Starting this year, we are also offering a limited number of single-day projects.

Each piece may be large or small, simple or wildly complicated. We offer you the opportunity to create beautiful handwoven items that you might not tackle at home. We hope that you might chose a fiber new to you, a new technique, or simply a wonderful combination of many colors that you have not tried before. And, of course, our beautiful Swedish yarns will be well represented in the project choices, enabling participants to familiarize themselves with the variety of materials that we have to offer.

Class projects are pictured below:

Current projects — no prerequisite


1-day session: $115 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: none

A few looms will always be dedicated to quick and easy projects during Vävstuga Treasures. This is a special opportunity for newcomers to find out what Vävstuga is all about and be surrounded by weavers weaving fantastic heirloom pieces. We encourage our Treasures participants to bring a friend and share this beautiful world with them for a morning, afternoon, or full day. If you have been a regular Vävstuga Days participant, we welcome you to return and be surrounded by the excitement of our experienced weavers. If you come on Wednesday, you will enjoy one of our infamous Vävstuga teatimes!

blue and white plain weave towel

1-day session: $120 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: none
Details: 16/2 cotton warp, width 56cm [100 cm Ideal]

This delicate towel is taken directly out of Handdukar: Väv i Lin och Bomull and can also easily be woven as a lovely little square cloth. Add variety with either stripes or checks, or by using other colors.


3-day session (Mon–Wed): $275 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $200 (plus materials)
1-day session: $125 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: none

Becky's beautiful array of handwoven pick-up bands will be on display to arouse your interest and excitement in this type of weaving. Becky will demo the basics of using a backstrap rigid heddle loom. If you are staying a second day to weave, you will have an option to use one all night long! Several bandlooms will be set up with a variety of projects, including our beautiful little Leksands band loom with its treadle operated rigid heddle attached. Another bandloom will be set up with something from Mora Band. There may also be a small floor loom set up from time to time with Becky's special system for weaving fancy patterned pickup bands the easy way.

rag rug

3-day session (Mon–Wed, medium rug - 75x180cm): $315 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri, small rug - 50x150cm): $230 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: none
Vävstuga alumni only: Design, wind, and beam your own warp: $50 discount!
Details: 12/6 cotton rug warp colors

You may bring your own rags, or use ours, or bring your fabric to cut here. Becky's broad array of rug samples and rag rug books will be available to inspire a wide variety of techniques and designs. Ample instruction will be given. A warp of your color choice will be wound and beamed for you ahead of time. You will do your own threading and we will help you tie up. Vävstuga Basics alumni have the option to design and prepare their own warp in the studio. Choose the 2-day session (Thu-Fri) for a small rug, 3-day (Mon-Wed) for a medium rug, or 5-day (Mon-Fri) for a large rug.

Current projects — for alumni of our Basics class

red monks belt runner

1-day session: $120 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/2 cotton warp, width 35 cm [100 cm Ideal]

You can use wefts in a variety of materials and colors to make your runner uniquely beautiful. Doing some monks belt pick-up could also be an entertaining possibility. If you want more than one day on this piece, just add $75 per extra day.

daldräll rep rug

3-day session (Mon–Wed): $270 for first meter (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $195 for first meter (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/2 cotton warp, cotton rags and 20/2 cotton weft, width 63 cm [Standard]

We are intrigued by this beautiful daldräll (overshot) rep rug from the 2008 Vävkalender combining these two techniques, using our string yarn or white rags for pattern weft. We can supply the uncut white sheets. Rags make some of the most durable rugs and these colors will freshen up any hallway! Come try out this unique rug with us.

nordmaling overshot

3-day session (Mon–Wed): $280 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $200 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/2 cotton warp, 16/1 linen and 8/1 tow linen weft, width 118 cm [120 cm Standard]

This beautiful tablecloth in cotton and linen, on 4 shafts and 6 treadles, is taken directly out of Old Swedish weavings from North to South by Doris Wiklund. It exquisitely combines windowpane stripes in the warp and weft with golden bleached linen overshot floats on a natural cotton ground. This piece is truly a joy to weave and to have.


3-day session (Mon–Wed): $280 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $208 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 30/2 cotton warp, Fårö or 16/1 linen weft colors, width 107 cm [120 cm Standard]

Inspired by the popular book Östgötadräll: Vävda sängtäcken från Östergötland (Woven coverlets from Östergötland) by Ann-Sofie Svansbo, this seemingly complex coverlet is relatively easy to weave, requiring only one shuttle at a time. It is the same concept as our block weave from Vävstuga Basics class, using four treadles for each of the two blocks, for a total of eight treadles. Endless amounts of fun can be had choosing colors for this piece. A tablecloth could also be woven on the same warp using 16/1 linen, creating a totally different magnificent heirloom.

Barbro's daldräll

3-day session (Mon–Wed): $290 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $220 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 30/2 cotton warp, 16/2 cotton weft colors / width 78 cm [100 cm Ideal]

Barbro's daldräll is an absolutely beautiful overshot tablecloth. Becky's sample is woven entirely in cotton, giving it a very soft and lovely hand. There is no reason it could not be woven in linen if you desire. Something that sets this use of overshot apart, is that one of the "tables" (square area of pattern) uses only one of the four pattern treadles, while the other "table" uses the other three pattern treadles. The end result gives rather open-looking areas around the tables, which is one of the reasons this piece is so attractive.

runner in halvkrabba

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $410 (plus materials)
3-day session (Mon–Wed): $260 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $185 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/3 linen warp, Fårö weft colors / width ~52 cm [70 or 100 cm Ideal]

This runner in halvkrabba is soooo much fun to weave -- it's like a good book that you can't put down. These time-honored patterns magically appear on the underside of your work as you stuff your butterfly shuttles into the treadled sheds. Halvkrabba is one of the easier pick-up weaves and is therefore a satisfying technique if pick-up is new to you.

krabba & rosepath

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $410 (plus materials)
3-day session (Mon–Wed): $260 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $185 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/3 linen warp, Fårö weft colors / width 56 cm [70 cm Ideal]

Krabba is an extremely engaging pickup technique woven upside down on the loom. We have been amazed how the hours just fly by as the pattern slowly emerges. No boredom here, and endless possibilities for color combinations and patterns! This technique has a very strong tradition in southern Sweden where the "well to do" farm girls had enough time on their hands to create incredible works of art. Becky studied this technique (among others) with Gunvor Johansson in Sweden for a week in September 2011. She came back with inspiration and enthusiasm to share with her students.

dubbel krokbragd rug

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $410 (plus materials) (five days required for full-length rug)
3-day session (Mon–Wed): $260 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $185 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 8/3 linen rug warp, Mattgarn weft colors / width 66 cm [70 cm Ideal]

Our Double Krokbragd rug has produced breathtaking results for each student who has taken the plunge. Since it is entirely weft faced, the use of color presents an opportunity for the artist in each one of us to come out, whether we knew it was there or not. Most weavers start in the comfort zone of copying a motif or two to gain an understanding of how the treadling creates the patterns, then it becomes easy to diverge from that and create your own endless patterns -- all made with just three treadles.

monks belt pick up

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $415 (plus materials)
3-day session (Mon–Wed): $265 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $190 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 20/2 linen warp, Fårö weft colors / width ~65 cm [100cm Ideal]

This exquisite piece is also extremely engaging to do, and as far as pickup goes, it doesn't get easier than this. You can copy the design from our source or use it as an inspiration to create your own. The monks belt motifs are woven on a weft faced ground in our beautiful Faro single play wool.

tablecloth from Norrbotten

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $440 (plus materials)
3-day session (Mon–Wed): $290 (plus materials)
2-day session (Thu–Fri): $220 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 16/2 cotton warp, 16/2 cotton and 8/2 cotton or cottolin weft, width 131 cm [Standard]

This tablecloth from Norrbotten in daldräll (overshot) uses a popular threading draft seen used in many ways. In fact if you look carefully at our "Barbro's daldräll" above you will notice that the threading is identical! It's the use of color that makes the amazing difference. Students can choose any weft color they please to weave on the gold warp, or reproduce the colors in the original. At 131 cm wide and not a super tight sett, a nice large tablecloth can be made, without overtaxing your back and arms.

rya and flossa

5-day session (Mon–Fri) (five days required for full-length)
3-day session (Mon–Wed)
2-day session (Thu–Fri)
Cost: depends upon width chosen; please ask
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 8/3 linen rug warp, Åsborya wool weft colors / width as requested

Weaving Rya or Flossa (longer sparser pile, shorter denser pile) rugs is a time-consuming and extremely engaging and FUN process. The experience is entirely different from throwing a shuttle, but it definitely has its own rhythm and is very satisfying. It is an opportunity to "paint" with the yarns, blending colors to create every nuance imaginable. Pattern choice is of course overwhelming, because it can be absolutely anything. We have incredible resources in our library that Becky can direct you to, which can be a very helpful for planning your project. There is no need to work this out ahead of time, it can all be done here and is considered part of the entire process.     (See our YouTube movie about this project)

skillbragd coverlet

5-day session (Mon–Fri): $460 (plus materials)
Prerequisite: Vävstuga Basics
Details: 30/2 cotton warp, cotton or linen for tabby and wool for pattern weft, width 115 cm [Standard]

This absolutely beautiful piece of traditional Norwegian skillbragd (smålandsväv in Swedish) is inspired by a sheepskin coverlet from Kvam, featured in the book Om fellen kunne fortelle. The threads are fine and the end product is a substantial heirloom quality piece. Some of the pattern areas in the original are woven on opposites, which makes for very dense and rich coloration. The endless pattern and color possibilities will ensure that your masterpiece is unique.

Proposed projects

Following are a few proposed projects for Summer and Fall 2014. If there is enough interest in a particular project, we will prepare the loom.

plattväv pillow cover

The warp for these beautiful pillow covers has red and yellow stripes, so the blue and green in the picture can be replaced with whatever colors you choose. Plattväv is a close relative of monks belt, with exactly the same structure using a pattern weft and tabby ground. But it has a different overall look because the blocks are differently arranged from traditional monks belt. Very straightforward and satisfying to weave!

Ulla's 8-shaft twill

yardage or large tablecloth? - put in your vote!
16/2 cotton warp - color and width undetermined

rep rugs and/or placemats

color, yarn, size, and even design TBD - put in your vote and we will have a discussion!

3-block rep rugs and/or placemats

color, yarn, size, and even design TBD - put in your vote and we will have a discussion!

wide weft-faced runner

a beautiful weft-faced technique, with simple treadled patterns


Photos from Mera Fint att Vava used with permission from Ann-Kristin Hallgren;
photos from Gamla Svenska Vavnader från nor till soder used by permission from Doris Wiklund;
photos from Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave used by permission from Tina Ignell.