Bands in the Barn

Mora bands — Sami bands — Leksands bands — Estonian bands — Norwegian bands

Instructor: Becky Ashenden

Dates offered 2018: Sep 12–14 (class full; waiting list only)

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The weaving of narrow bands is one of the most ancient forms of weaving known to man, and remains popular today. From the bandages used to wrap Egyptian mummies to early Coptic weavings and the complex bands of Scandinavia, band weaving has taken many forms. Band weaving is inexpensive, portable, endlessly fascinating, and very easy to learn. There are many types and techniques for creating woven bands. Traditionally, bands have been used for harnesses, carrying water, clothing, and just about anywhere attaching, tying, or connecting was required. Today a beautiful handwoven band can easily take the place of a rubber band or string, and will enhance your life in the process.

We will explore many styles of band weaving found in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, and beyond. We'll start by weaving a basic band on a rigid heddle. When you've become comfortable with that, we will continue with traditional pick-up patterns on the regular rigid heddle and a special rigid heddle with pattern slots. Daily theory classes mornings and afternoons will give you the tools to analyze, design, and set up bands on your own.

Use our floor looms and bandlooms to broaden your array of techniques, exponentially expanding the possibilities of weaving complicated patterns in a variety of ways, including the special Vävstuga technique for making complicated pick-up patterns easy. You'll also learn other tricks, like Mora style bands with pattern savers, and using a rigid heddle on a band loom.

Location: Farm Studio

Prerequisites: none

Max enrollment: 10

Course fee: $550 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch all 3 days, dinner Thu)

Materials fee: $40

Room & board: $300 (includes lodging Tue–Thu evenings, breakfast Wed–Fri, dinner Wed)

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Three-day session, Wed–Fri

Schedule: The Farm Studio is open from 9:00–noon and 2:00–5:00 for instruction time. Our evening curfew is flexible at this location. Exception: on the last day of class, the studio closes at noon and checkout must be completed before 3:00.